Citizenship By Investment, Starting from EUR 2,150,000

Overview of Cyprus

With the warm Mediterranean climate the enjoyment this island offers at the beaches is something that lures everyone. With all the option the island offer you find something just meant for you. The mountains, the history, the art and culture make this place one of the famous spot for anyone travelling to Europe. The Cyprus citizenship by investment program offered is the easiest and the quickest route to be a citizen of any European country.

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  • Minimum investment of EUR 2,150,000 in real estate.

Eligibility Criteria for Cyprus Citizenship By Investment

To be eligible you need to invest the minimum required amount. However post 5 years tenure the amount can be reduced to €500,000.

  • Should not have criminal record
  • Should be 18+
  • Need to have minimum investment amount
  • Should be of sound health.

Few of the Benefits include-

  • Fastest route to get citizenship of 04 to 06 months.
  • Minimum investment period is only for 5 years.
  • Visa free travel to anywhere in Europe.
  • Visa free travel to 120+ countries.
  • Family including parents and children upto 28 can be part of the process.
  • Dual citizenship allowed.
  • Lifetime citizenship is guaranteed.
  • Free world wide tax income


Citizenship of Cyprus can be obtained by getting married to a Cypriot national, through birth and by investment.

There’s no EU passport itself, but the passports of all the EU countries are called European passport. A Cyprus Passport is the same as a German passport. The EU law says all the European passport holders should be treated the same as the locals in the EU country they are in. So a Cyprus passport is a European passport that allows the passport holders to live, work, study, do business and live normal lives as citizen in any of the EU countries.

The Cyprus embassy needs fifteen working days to process the visa and the visa application needs to start 3-4 weeks before departure.

This programme was approved by Council of Ministers on 13 September 2016 which approved a new program of financial criteria for investors wishing to obtain citizenship of Cyprus.  


Under this programme successful applicants and their families are granted Cyprus Citizenship in 6 months.  The individual who wants a second passport needs to invest €2.2 million in Cyprus economy and meet some additional criteria.

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