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Canada Migration from Dubai

Dubai is one of the progressive countries in the world. However, for people with various nationalities, a country like Canada may seem an ideal option for permanent residency. In addition, Canada can be an excellent destination for foreign nationals who may be looking for several options in a different country. Consequently, such exploratory terms can lead to Canadian permanent residency.

If you are interested in applying for a Canadian residency from Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), you will be welcomed with diverse cultures, varying demographics, and people from similar origins. The North American nation provides one of the most liberal societies that have no restrictions on social behaviors. Moreover, a country like Canada boasts a culturally rich society with guaranteed liberty offered to every individual, irrespective of their background. Not only do they believe in respect and equality, but they also value principles like religious freedom and diversity. 

Move To Canada | Canada Migration From Dubai | Canada Immigration Dubai

It is essential to know that the Canadian population of 20% does not follow any religion. Besides, they also recognize same-sex marriages and provide another layer of social acceptance in society. Unlike Dubai, this American nation experiences four seasons in one year and offers pristine beauty beyond desert heat. Incorporated with abundant waterfalls, forests and mountains, a country like Canada is one of the beautiful nations to work, live and raise a family.


Furthermore, even in the COVID-stricken times, Canada planned and maintained its utmost immigration levels and aims to welcome around 1.1 million all-new permanent residents between 2020 to 2022. Moving on, Canada comprises ten provinces and three territories that you’ll have the option to choose from. Toronto is the largest populated city, followed by Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary. If you are thinking about the cost of living and food, know that Canada has a relatively low cost of living, and the food costs 15% less than Dubai.

Eligibility Requirements To Move To Canada From Dubai

  • Work Experience – Permanent Residence applicants should have full-time working experience for at least one year. However, some occupations may require specific licenses or education requirements. Know that the minimum and maximum points awarded for your work experience lie between 9 to 15 for 1 to 6 or more years of experience.
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program – Applicants falling under this category must have a considerable amount of experience in a skilled role. They should meet these requirements. The applicant must have a total of more than 1550 hours of full-time work, should be a part of one or more paid jobs, and should have gained all these in the last decade.
  • French & English Language Ability – Applicants, enrolling under Canadian PR should be proficient in French, English, or both languages. However, to prove this, applicants must provide the following proofs of language proficiency tests – CELPIP, TEF, and IELTS.
  • Basic Educational Qualification – It is vital to understand that a Canadian educational or any equivalent qualification should be met by an applicant. However, you might meet the requirements of the qualification specialization, depending on Canada’s NOC codes.  
  • Arranged Employment – If you already have a job in the nation and are working full-time, listed as Skill Level A, Skill Type 0, or Skill Level B on the country’s National Occupation Classification list,  the applicant will be awarded ten clear points in their CRS.
  • Adaptability – You, along with your accompanying partner/spouse, can get up to ten points on any combination that you might have to check in the list provided by the Canadian Immigration rules.
  • Proof of Funds – Know that Canada’s immigration authority tends to evaluate an applicant’s financial background before issuing a permanent residence visa. This is done to ensure that an applicant can support his family for at least a year after arriving in Canada. 
  • Age – Applicants should be at least 18 years of age or above. However, they cannot be above 49 years at the time of placing their application. Moreover, Canada gives priority to applicants who fall under the category of 25-35 years.
  • CRS Score – There are around three significant factors that an applicant has to consider. These factors include Human or Core Capital Factors (age, experience, and education), Skill Transferability Factor, and Additional Factors like provincial nomination or Canadian job offer.

Benefits of Canada Immigration

  • Excellent Job Opportunities

Canada comprises many job opportunities in medical, engineering, construction, and so many more specialized areas. Furthermore, it is one of the best places to apply for skilled workers under the Federal Skilled Workers programme. 


  • Free Health Care

The Canadian Government provides accessible essential health care facilities to all its citizens. In addition, the government of this North American nation pays for your dental care, medicines, optometry, and many other health-specific treatments.  


  • Good Quality of Life

If you apply from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, you will witness a significant shift in cultures and people. However, Canada comprises a high standard of lifestyle and living with flexible working hours, several public holidays and gives an excellent work-life balance.


  • Tolerant Towards Immigrants

Canada is one of the only countries that has a welcoming attitude and nature towards migrants. If you go by one of the surveys conducted by Expat explore Survey HSBC, you will see this nation ranking as Number one worldwide for immigrant tolerance levels.


  • Freedom to Start a Business 

It is essential to know that permanent residents of the country can legally establish and begin their enterprises following some of the Canada immigration from Dubai laws. One can simply start a new business or invest in a franchise with partnership, sole proprietorship, or corporation even if they are not a Canadian citizen. 


  • Safety and Security 

If you are someone who is encouraged to settle in Canada from Dubai, know that there are strict gun laws in effect. Moreover, you won’t witness any civil wars there. Besides, Canada is one of the only peaceful countries where you can quickly settle down. 


  • A Growing Economy 

The future of Canada’s economy is in good hands. As someone willing to work, there are ample opportunities for you in Canada. Since 2016, the country’s economy has witnessed a 4.3% growth.

Major Options To Move To Canada From Dubai

  1. Federal Economic Class

Under such a visa programme, you need to know what is included in it. The federal economic class consists of skilled federal workers, Canada Experience Class, and skilled Federal Trades.

  1. Provincial Economic Class

This Provincial Economic class programme comprises Canada Provinces that tend to have their immigration job offers and programmes. These provinces are Ontario Immigration, Quebec Immigration, British Columbia Immigration, Alberta Immigration, Manitoba Immigration, Newfoundland Immigration, New Brunswick Immigration, Saskatchewan Immigration, Nova Scotia Immigration, and Prince Edward Island Immigration.


Canada Migration From Dubai | Canada Immigration Dubai
  1. Quebec Immigration Program

Were you skeptical about move to Canada from Dubai and had no idea about what this programme has to offer? It is the only programme that can provide you with a direct route to Canadian Permanent Residency. 


  1. Business Immigration

Remember, Canadian Federal Law happens to permit candidates to purchase an enterprise and relocate to Canada through a temporary work permit. This is one of the ways through which one can immigrate to Canada from Dubai.


5. Temporary Resident First Program

When applicants come from Dubai or any other country, they tend to enroll on this specific programme. Through a temporary resident first programme, an applicant can convert and enroll into a Canada PR visa after staying in the country for three years initially.

  1. Family Class Sponsorship

Immigrants from the United Arab Emirates and their family members have the option of applying for the family class sponsorship programme.

How to Apply For A Canada Permanent Visa From Dubai

  • Step 1: An applicant has to gather all their information in documents like relevant educational qualifications. Once they have done this, they can apply for the Educational Credential Assessment. 
  • Step 2: The second step is to create a Canada express entry profile where a listed candidate needs to fill in all the required details about their profile. Since this can be done quickly, you can move onto the next step. 
  • Step 3: Here, you have the option to reach some of the latest Express Entry Draw Scores and then receive an Invitation from the embassy to Apply directly for a Canada Permanent Residency visa.
  • Step 4: in this step, all you have to do is, submit the fees of the applied visa and provide all the necessary documents at the time of visa application submission. You will be allotted a total of 60 days period. 
  • Step 5: After you have received your approval notification from the government or embassy, you can send your current passport for stamping purposes to your nearest Embassy.
Move To Canada | Canada Migration From Dubai | Canada Immigration Dubai

Let Us Help You For Canada Immigration

Flyingcolour is one of the Immigration Consultants In Dubai that offer immigration services to Canada. More than hundreds of wealthy personnel tend to rely on our advice and expertise. When you select our services to immigrate to Canada, we take care of the following things to make every process easier for you.   


  1. Guidance in Visa/Programme Selection – It is essential to know that every visa selection or category varies. You may be eligible for more than one visa type at the same time. That is when you may want a consultant to let you know an ideal category for you to apply against. 
  2. Resolving and Understanding Complex Issues – One of the first stages of a Canadian visa programme is the educational credential assessment. In such a stage, most of the candidates might get stuck because of sealed requirements and transcripts. However, getting assistance from our experts may save you time and money.
  3. Well-Presented Applications – Remember, your application needs to be well-prepared and organised. To be considered by Canadian employers and immigration authorities, your documents have to be professional in every manner. This is one of the reasons why you need professional assistance. 
  4. Verified Process & Documentation – Did you know that even a single mismatch of details and documents can hinder your Canadian immigration dream? There may be potential options that the country’s authorities may declare you as one of the frauds. So, to move carefully, you may have to adhere to our services for a seamless approach and process.
  5. Efficient Follow-Ups & Up-to-Date About Rules – After submitting your visa application, you may have to adhere to two-way communication. This is essential between immigration authorities and an applicant. PR visa consultant from Flying Colour will act as your representatives and carry out the entire process smoothly. 


The latest draw for Canada immigration from Dubai held was 471 points. Since this is one of the all-programme draws, candidates who fall in FSW, CEC, and FST will be considered.

You can simply follow these simple ways to boost your Canadian PR. Start by going for a provincial nomination, secure a Canadian job offer, extend your education level, include your partner when applying for Canada PR, gain more work experience, retake the language test, and take the help of expert immigration consultants.

Going by the rules and numbers, 0 points will be awarded against high school, 15 points will be awarded against one to 2-years of post-secondary and bachelor’s degrees, and 30 points against 3-years of post-secondary, professional degrees, or any master’s degrees. 

Remember, this is Canada’s national organization or system to determine occupations. Specific applicants can simply search the NOC and find out if there is any occupation listed on it. 

67 needs to be the minimum points required for qualifying for Canada immigration Dubai under the express entry programme. If you have scored 67 points or higher, you can be eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Programme and apply for the same. 

The listed applicant has to secure a minimum of 67 points out of the available 100 to qualify for the Canada PR Visa.

The spouse (where applicable) and the applicant are required to visit the processing immigration office. They may have to attend one of the selection interviews. In many cases, an applicant might have to travel with their dependent children of 22 years of age for the immigration selection interview.

The applicant will receive five points if their accompanying common-law partner or spouse have a very close relative living in Canada, like their parents, child, grandparent, spouse, grandchild, sister, common-law partner, uncle, aunt, brother, niece or nephew.

Applications for Canadian PR under Skilled Workers Classes are filed while staying in Canada However; once it gets approved, your application may go through further processing.

The applicant does not have to visit Canada for their immigration process. However, if you have prior familiarity with knowing the Canadian landscape can help. 

Canada is a dynamic country which offers multi-cultural living environment. Being tenth largest economy it provides numerous opportunities to the employed and the self-employed Individuals.


There is everything for everyone and the Canada offers non-immigrant options such as work permit, student programs and majority of these programs offer permanent resident visa and Immigration.

The Canadian immigration rules are very flexible as compared to the other countries hence it’s much easier to immigrate to Canada.  

The country provides excellent job opportunities for the qualified and skilled migrants workers. Canada offers best working conditions and the competitive salary packages for the workers.

A Canadian passport provides VISA free travel to almost all the countries in the world if not the whole world. High brand value of the Canadian passport makes it much sought after document with the investors, businessmen and the high net worth individuals.    

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