The D2 Portugal Residency Visa’s Unveiling: You’re Critical to European Living

D2 Portugal Residency Visa Guide
December 16, 2023 | | D2 Portugal Visa |

Grasping the Portugal D2 Visa

Portugal’s D2 Residency Visa, frequently referred to as the Business Visionary or Startup Visa, remains a door for non-European Association residents trying to live in this dazzling European country. This visa, designed for self-employed people, investors, and entrepreneurs, covers a wide range of possibilities within Portugal’s borders.

Benefits of D2 Residency visa:

1. With D2 residency you can travel to the European Union and Schengen Area. This is the     major benefit of having the chance to travel and grow the business in EU.

2. The entrepreneur has a friendly ecosystem for business. The D2 residency visa                    encourages business formation in Portugal and enjoys the ecosystem

3. The standard of living in Portugal is very pleasant with affordable housing and strong          healthcare benefits. Applicant can make the most of it from weather and enjoy the              peace the country offers 

4. Education institutes have vast cultural heritage and the strong knowledge and extensive      culture make a strong base for our children’s growth

Charge Motivating forces

New residents might profit from Portugal’s great assessment systems, plot, offering invaluable duty rates for particular sorts of pay.

Portugal D2 Visa Necessities

1. Financial Stable Applicants should prove that he/she can afford the cost of living of              themselves and their dependents if applied along with dependent.

2. A Business Plan that explains the details about the business and financial aspects of the      company

3. Medical coverage The applicant should get medical insurance that fulfils Portuguese           guidelines for him/her and should also cover the applicants.

4. It’s mandatory to have clear medical records are required of the main application to            process the D2 application

There is no minimum Investment for the D2 Visa

Entrepreneurs: An investment in a company, typically with a low minimum investment requirement.

The process to get a D2 visa:

    • Consult the Flyingcolour immigration advisor

    • Bank account opening

    • Company formation

    • Documents submission

    • D2 visa issuance


The D2 Residency visa is a very affordable and tempting offer for individuals to grow their business and give a new beginning for the new chapter in the European Union the weather conditions, and peaceful environment make it easy for people to stay and enjoy it.

The D2 residency is the best option to begin your journey in a European country and has vast options to expand your business internationally and stay with your family. Flyingcolour can assist you with all the details and costs for the whole process.