Commonwealth of Dominica

Dominica Citizenship Program

Dominica is time and again named as one of the world’s happiest places to live in. Boasting a high number of centurions (people who have lived to be older than 100 years), it offers a tranquil lifestyle within a safe, peaceful, and pristine environment and a culturally vibrant and friendly community. The Nature Island of the Caribbean is a tropical paradise and one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is a land of natural beauty, with hundreds of rivers and waterfalls, rugged mountains covered in green and dramatic cliffs overlooking the turquoise sea.

Established in 1993, the Dominica Economic Citizenship Program legitimately offers individuals and families citizenship and second passport. The contribution needed for citizenship in Dominica has now been put on hold indefinitely and will remain unchanged until at least 2021. As previously the Caribbean citizenship program’s investment criteria was scheduled to increase significantly. Although prices could increase once the COVID-19 pandemic is over so we encourage you to act fast.

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  • Minimum investment in approved real estate of USD 200,000; OR
  • Contribution to the government fund Starting from USD 100,000

Investment in Real Estate

Under the real estate investment option to qualify for Dominican Citizenship, an applicant needs to invest in a government-approved real estate property worth a minimum of USD $200,000 and maintain ownership for a minimum of three years. The applicant has two options to resale the property. Firstly if the applicant maintains the ownership of property for three years, they can sell it off to any individual. Secondly, if the applicant maintains the ownership of property for five years, they can re-sell the property under the citizenship by investment program, qualifying another family or individual for citizenship. Additional government application fees are payable when applying to the Dominica Economic Citizenship Program.

Donation to Dominica’s Government Fund

Another most popular option to get Dominican citizenship is by contributing to The Dominica Economic Diversification Fund (EDF). This contribution finances public and private sector projects in the country in an effort to increase national development and support the islands social progress and financial security. Public sector projects enhances betterment for financing funds for renovating the local hospital, building new schools, constructing a national sports stadium, and promoting the Island of Dominica offshore industry. Private sector finances the fund primarily for progressing nation’s information technology, tourism, and agricultural sectors.

Comparison in between Donation and Real Estate Option

Both the options available on how to obtain Citizenship are beneficial in their own way. Any individual can be muddled on which type of investment will be more beneficial to him. Let us list out advantages both options offer over the other to help you do a cost benefit analysis and determine its feasibility. Below are listed few pro and con for better understanding:

  • The major benefit of obtaining Dominica passport by contributing to Economic Diversification Fund is that the donation involves less money, especially for a single applicant. The minimum donation starts for USD $100,000, being one of the cheapest option available for second passport program. Whereas by investing in a real estate property an individual needs to invest minimum of USD $200,000. However when a family, let’s say including 4 family members are looking for Dominican passport, real estate would be a better option for them based on the amount of investment required.
  • One of the primary benefits of getting Dominica citizenship by investing in government approved real estate properties is that the investment amount is recoverable. After three years of owning the property you can sell it off to any individual. Alternatively on holding the property for five years, it can be sold off to any other investor qualifying for citizenship by investment program.

Eligibility to apply for Dominica Citizenship program

  • Clean Background
    To be eligible for Dominica, each individual needs to clear a comprehensive due diligence, performed by private investigative conducted by government of Dominica. Only individuals with outstanding character and repute will be accepted for citizenship. Dominica government only conducts due diligence on all applicants above the age of 16. Dominica does not accept individuals with criminal record or applicants whose funds has not been derived legally.
  • Good health
    Applicants with excellent health and no serious contagious disease will be granted citizenship. A proper medical check-up involving TB and HIV report is to be presented with the application.
  • High Net Worth
    Acquiring second passport for Dominica requires either making a significant economic contribution to a government fund or invest in a government approved real estate project. To qualify for either of the options, the investor must have enough investment available to fulfill the criteria.

Benefits of Dominica Citizenship/ Second passport

  • Personal Benefits
    • Immediate and irrecoverable citizenship
    • Efficient process leading to citizenship in 04 to 06 months
    • No residence obligation during or after obtaining citizenship
    • Dual Citizenship/ Nationality allowed
    • No nationality restriction*
  • Global Mobility
    • Visa free travel to more than 122 countries including EU, Switzerland, etc.
    • Reputed passport leading to easy visa access as and when required
  • Business Benefits
    • No personal income tax
    • Free world wide tax income- on wealth, foreign income, inheritance, gift, or capital gain tax
    • No restriction on the expulsion of profits and introduced capital
    • Currency secured to US Dollar
    • Free trading in Caribbean countries
    • Attractive motivation packages including corporate tax incentives, full exemption from import duties, tax relief benefits and export allowance
  • Family security
    • Spouse and dependent kids under 30 can obtain passport
    • Dependent parents above 55 can obtain passport
    • Dominica is known as one of the happiest place to live in
    • Safe, stable and natural environment, enhancing better lifestyle
    • Accessible to international and reputed education

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