Residency by Investment

With permanent residency program the applicant and his family members can reside in the country without being an official citizen. They get all the benefits of residing in the country. They can live, work, study and get medical benefits provided by the country. The only drawback is they cannot vote or run for a campaign.

Benefits of permanent residency-

  • For any unforeseen situation if you cannot return back to your own country or live there peacefully, you always have a second option of travelling and being safe with your family.
  • The beauty of obtaining permanent residency is if your Passport like China, restricts your travel and need you to obtain visa for majority of the countries, obtaining permanent resident can provide you with visa free travel to most of the countries.
  • Spouse and kids can be a part of the application; they can have a safe and bright future with good lifestyle, good education and best medical benefits.
  • Hassel free, Guaranteed process with minimum investment requirement, minimum paperwork and less obligations to be fulfilled.

Get the Best Advice Related To Residency by Investment from Flying Colour Immigration

Many countries like Greece, Malta, Portugal, Cyprus, UAE, etc.are providing opportunities regarding permanent residency in the countrythrough investment in property or donation towards Government projects. Most of them have some great offers regarding Residency by Investment which is a program that requires the foreign national to invest in the country to gain residence there. 


With time permanent residency by investment has become quite common among the people as it provides physical residency for the person in the specific country for a certain period. Even some countries provide permanent residence cards. 


If you are interested in getting permanent residency in any of the countries, contact our team of FlyingColour Immigration – one of the best immigration service providers in Dubai. All the information regarding residency by investment will be clearly stated and we provide end-to-end execution and assistance in the process.