Malta Permanent Residency

Malta has obtained popularity as a residency option for numerous families, businesses, and investors. The country meets the demands of the global market with its economic environment. In addition, this country is perfect for foreign investment because of its geographical location, stable political environment, and high-quality facilities.

Due to its reputation for stability, security, and predictability, Malta has become one of the leading investment locations in Europe. The country attracts investors and businesses with the Malta Permanent Residency Program (MPRP) with flexible investment options. 

It’s a straightforward program based on property investment and government distribution. The PR in Malta provides residence rights to foreign nationals seeking alternative residence in Europe.  The program requires applicants to meet specific investment requirements, including renting or buying property in Malta and making numerous mandatory contributions.

The program of Permanent Residency in Malta takes four to six months to process from the submission of the proper and complete application. The program gives value to people who wish to make Malta their second home.

Malta PR

Benefits of Malta PR

Malta is a member of the European Union. The country allows its citizens to travel to other EU countries without an additional visa. Apart from this, you enjoy the following benefits with Malta PR:

Eligibility Criteria for Malta PR

Before starting the process to apply for Malta PR,  you should ensure that you are eligible for the Malta Permanent Residency.

The following are the eligibility requirements for this Permanent Residency:

The requirements for obtaining Malta PR

There are a few requirements you must fulfil to get Malta PR. It is essential to meet these requirements to avoid complications while obtaining permanent residence in this country.

Below is the list of requirements to obtain this PR:

Apart from these requirements, you must meet other requirements to get permanent residency through Malta PR.

Documents Required for Malta PR

Submitting the required documents is one of the necessary steps to obtain permanent residency in Malta. Therefore, you should first understand the documents required to obtain this permanent residency. 

Below is the list of documents to get the Malta PR:

Apart from these documents, the relevant authorities may ask you for more supporting documents.

The Process of Obtaining a Malta PR

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