Overview of Greece

Located at the crossway of Europe, Asia and Africa Greece has the longest coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. Grace as well all know is the birth place to democracy and with its Western civilisation is considered as Europe’s child. It has world’s famous archaeological sites, beaches with the warm sun and the ancient history to explore. The music, dance and theatre are the most amazing to soothe you. With the high income growth and increasing standard of living it is desired by many people to reside in. And this desire has been fulfilled in 2013 when Golden visa program was launched. With an easy to go process now you can be a resident of Greece.

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  • Minimum EUR 250,000 investment in real-estate.

Eligibility criteria-

  • Spouse and kids upto age of 21 can be a part of the process.
  • Have minimum amount for investment.
  • Should not have criminal record.
  • Should be of sound health.
  • Visa provided is for 5 years, which is renewed for another 5 years if invested property is retained.
  • No requirement to live in the country to retain or renew the visa.
  • Citizenship can be applied after 7 years of residency.


  • Process completed in 02 to 04 months.
  • No minimum obligation to renew the residency.
  • Visa free travel to Schengen countries.
  • Education and Medical facilities for family members.
  • Parents, children and grandchildren can be part of application.
  • Secure capital facilities.

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