Vanuatu Citizenship

Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment 

Vanuatu is one of the independent Commonwealth States that gained independence from France and the UK in 1980. This country is located in the South Pacific and comprises 83 islands, of which 68 are populated and spread over 1,300 kilometers. Its proximity to Australia and New Zealand ensure close ties to the countries.  Vanuatu’s natural beauty, its abundance of freshwater, fish, tropical forests, and breathtaking scenery, and its small airports, marinas, yacht clubs, and hotels all combine to make it an outstanding and growing tourist destination. Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment towards Development Support Program (DSP) requires an applicant to make a significant financial investment into the country in return for citizenship for the applicant and his/her family sectors.

Vanuatu, as a nation, offers residency with full Ni-Vanuatu rights, however, with less political involvement and voting rights. Moreover, there are no such restrictions on dual citizenship, and the applicant is not required to reside or visit the country to retain the Vanuatu passport.

Besides, Vanuatu does not have any wealth tax, income tax, inheritance tax, or capital gains. The applicant who has applied for Vanuatu citizenship can also obtain residency within a 1-2 month period. 

The investment or donation amount for one applicant is around $130,000 + additional fees and $150,000 + additional fees for two (a couple). Citizenship will be hereditary, and there will be an Oath Swearing Ceremony in convenient locations worldwide. Speaking of which, an applicant does not have to know the language before applying. However, due diligence will be conducted, and every applicant must adhere to the criminal record requirement. 

Benefits of the Vanuatu Citizenship  Programme

  • Low investment cost – A foreign applicant can invest around 130,000 dollars into the country’s economy and obtain a Vanuatu passport. 
  • Fast registration – The applicant can acquire citizenship in 30-60 days. Guess what? It is one of the fastest citizenship programmers worldwide, if not the fastest.
  • Visa-free visit to more than 130 countries – The passport holder can visa-free travel to more than 130 countries worldwide, such as, the Schengen Area, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Moreover, nationals can apply for a ten-year visa to the United States.
  • Remote procedures – An applicant can take part in this programme from any part of the world.
  • European bank accounts – The passport of this country allows you to create a bank account with European banks. This enables you to deposit money, take out loans, and administer simple currency transactions.
  • Tax optimisation – The country has similar taxes for both non-residents and residents. People do not have to pay taxes on wealth, income, capital gains, inheritance, or export of capital. However, the VAT is 12.5%.
  • Convenient service – You can easily take the oath and obtain the country’s passport anywhere in the world. This is mainly for those who want visa-free travel to as many countries as possible.

Who Obtains Citizenship of Vanuatu


  • Who is over 18 years of age
  • Who does not have any criminal record
  • Who does not suffer from any serious chronic illness
  • Who has legal fund sources to participate in the citizenship programme
  • Who has a bank account with a balance of more than $250,000
  • Who never got rejected in their residency programmes
  • Who has passed through Due Diligence check


Children up to 25 years old

  • Who is studying at a specific university
  • Should be financially dependent on the primary applicant


Parents of the spouse or direct investor aged 50 or over


Steps to Obtain Citizenship of Vanuatu

  1. Choose a licensed agent Only the licensed agent, like a law firm, can apply for such a programme. Therefore, you need the assistance of such a firm to get through the programme.
  2. Preliminary check Due diligence is necessary when you reach this stage of the program. The results of this check will determine if you will get through the programme or not. 
  3. Entering into the agreement – If your preliminary check goes successfully, you will enter into one of the cooperation agreements.
  4. Document preparation – This may take around 7-14 days. You need to prepare all your documents closely. You need to provide all the information to avoid any additional queries.
  5. Finance department’s Due Diligence – you need to submit the documents of the initial package to the Finance Department of the country. Moreover, the total payment of the Diligence Fee is $5000.
  6. Programme department’s due diligence – You need to submit all the package documents. Here, the primary applicant or investor pays about 25% of the total investment amount.
  7. Investment payment or application approval – When your application gets approved, and you successfully go through, you may have to pay the remaining 75% of the total investment.
  8. Taking the oath & acquiring a Vanuatu passport – You need to take an oath to get citizenship. You have the option to invite a swearing-in commissioner along with the immigration officer to your residence country.

One can get citizenship of Vanatu by birth, by marrying a citizen of Vanatu or through citizenship by investment.  

The Program was launched in August 2013 when the Grenadian parliament passed the Citizenship by Investment Act, 2013.

The Citizenship by investment in Vanuatu is available to applicants who invest from $130,000 into a local development fund. The investment requirement is $130,000 for a single applicant and $180,000 for a family of four.

The major reason behind the popularity of this programme is that there is no physical presence required. It is an attractive offering for the investors who are seeking visa-free travel to the European Union and many other popular destinations.

No, that will not be the case. Vanuatu recognizes second citizenship as well. As a result, your home country’s citizenship will be retained if your home country also recognizes the same.

No, the information about Vanuatu citizens will not be available to the public or any third parties. The entire process of citizenship is confidential. 

Fingerprints and photos of every family member enrolled in the programme have to submit their biometric data.

Yes, investors have to give a certificate of their business or the place where they are employed. 

Yes. However, the investor or the primary applicant has to get the consent of the other parent.

The government of Vanuatu will refuse your application or citizenship. Even if you want to participate in various other citizenship or residency programmes of Vanuatu, you will be refused.