D9 Visa- Golden visa

The Portugal D9 Visa is popular because this Golden Visa is one of the top visas that allow its holders to reside in Portugal by doing funding in this country.

The D9 visa or ARI visa, famously known as the Golden Visa, is a program that provides foreigners to make funding within the country. There are countless types of investments you can make in this country, which include investing in a business or making an investment in a financial savings account that will help you get this visa. However, the maximum appealing option for getting this visa is likely to be investing in a fund.

To obtain the golden visa from Portugal, a minimum deposit of 500,000 euros is required. However, this amount might be expensive for some of you. There is another cheaper option that you can choose for investing. Rather than investing, you can opt to donate for as little as EUR 250,000. Most people looking for a golden visa opt for donations instead of investment.

What type of investment is required for the Golden Visa?

Here are the types of Investments that you may make for this visa:

Benefits of Portugal D9 Visa

There are uncountable benefits that you will get with the Golden or D9 visa for Portugal. Here is the list of the top advantages that you may get with this visa: 

Eligibility requirements for the D9 visa

To get your Portugal D9 Visa, you have to meet specific requirements. Here is the list of eligibility requirements that you have to meet to get your golden visa for Portugal:  

Here are the steps that you should follow to get a Portugal D9 Visa:

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