B1/B2 Visa

Apply For US Visa As A Non-Immigrant With Flying Colour

When it comes to applying for US Visa as a non-resident, there are two subcategories-

  • B1 Visa
  • B2 Visa.

If a non-resident wishes to visit the USA for business purposes, then he or she can apply and obtain a tourist visa, referred to as a B1 visa.

Whereas B2 Visa is required by the non-immigrant who wants to visit the USA temporarily for tourism or medical treatment. Generally, a combined visa is issued as B1/B2 Visa which allows a person to travel either for business purposes or for travel and medical purposes.

The US Visitor Visa application process for non-residents from Dubai is a breeze with Flying Colour Relocation Services

Step 1: Filing the US Visa application 

Any individual who wants to visit the US for a temporary purpose can apply for US Visitor Visa (B1 Visa | B2 Visa). He or she is required to complete the online DS-160 application form.


Step 2: Paying the US Visa fees

In this step, the applicant is required to pay for the fees and schedule US Visitor Visa appointment. The fee for US Visa (B1 Visa | B2 Visa) is USD 160, which is approximately equal to AED 590. Here is what you are required to do to pay the fee:

Additionally, one needs to schedule a Consular Section appointment to take an interview.


Step 3: Collecting the documents

US Visa application process requires the applicant to collect all necessary documents, which further will help the embassy to evaluate their case. Here is the list of documents required to apply for a US visa:

  • The confirmation page that the DS-160 form has been duly filled and submitted
  • Applicant’s valid passport, which has at least one blank page
  • If one has a previous USA visa, details of the visit along with supporting documents
  • Receipt of the application fee paid for US visa
  • A recently taken US visa photograph
  • A police certificate that can be obtained via the Ministry of Interior website
  • A document showing confirmation of US visa appointment
  • Documents showing rejections from the USA(if any)

Step 4: Taking the interview:

Every individual from 14 years to 79 years is required to take an interview for a US visa.

Applicants who do not fall in this age bracket are generally not required to take an interview unless specifically asked by the US Consulate. It is the most important step. The applicant is required to carry all necessary documents and answer all questions truthfully to increase your chances of clearing the interview.


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