Study, Invest, And Work In A Foreign Land Through Grenada Citizenship

Work In A Foreign Land Through Grenada
May 27, 2021 | | Grenada Citizenship |

Caribbean CBI programs have become more prevalent and famous among high earners who are looking for a firm foothold abroad. Grenada citizenship by investment tends to stand out since it offers foreign investors a significant amount of access to countries like the United States within as little as six months. Because of the 1983 Treaty of Trade and Commerce between the United States and Grenada, Grenadian citizens can apply for E-2 visas, allowing them to easily migrate, study, work, and invest in America.

Furthermore, global financial and political uncertainties have also led investors to solidify their futures by applying for dual citizenship or Grenada citizenship. Besides, the US is quite famous when it comes to business, higher studies, and employment opportunities, attracting thousands of people every year. However, direct access to countries like the US is a bit expensive.  Applying for the Green Card alone can cost around half a million dollars.

One of the cost-effective investment routes is the Grenada citizenship by investment where investments are lower and migrating to the US within six months becomes a reality.

Benefits of Grenada Citizenship

People choosing to apply for Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment may be subjected to several advantages like:

  • Minimal processing fees.
  • No interview, management experience, and education required.
  • No requirement to live in Grenada after or before citizenship is granted. Study in a foreign land.
  • Invest in countries like the US.

People who acquire Grenada citizenship through Grenada citizenship by investment get entitled to similar rights as any of the Grenadian citizens. These comprise the right to work and live in Grenada, along with all the rights associated with Caribbean Community’s membership (CARICOM).

If you want to get access to various countries worldwide to work, study, or even invest, Grenada citizenship may allow your dependent children, spouse, and dependent parents to obtain these. Young adults, however, can obtain access to top universities and schools through the citizenship by investment program.

Business Advantages

Grenada has no wealth, foreign income, inheritance, gift, or capital gains tax. Moreover, there is no restriction on profit repatriation or imported capital. Some of the generous incentive packages exist in this Caribbean industry, which include full exemption from import duties, corporate tax incentives, export allowance, and tax relief benefits. Lastly, you can adhere to duty-free trading here.  All this can be acquired through Grenada citizenship not just in Grenada but in some of the foreign countries as well.

International Mobility

Grenadian citizens can easily travel without all the visa restrictions to more than 110 international and Commonwealth nations. These comprise the United Kingdom and members of the EU, and business hubs like Singapore and Hong Kong. Grenada is one of the few nations whose citizens are entitled to travel and work in the People’s Republic of China.

Perhaps one of the most attractive features of the Caribbean nation is its investment treaty with the US, making it possible for Grenada citizens to obtain the E-2 work visa to run companies they establish in the US. It was in 1983 that former American President Ronald Reagan signed the E-2 treaty with the Caribbean country. One of the former Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Grenada, Peter David, recently stated that last in the previous year, there were close to 38 Grenada citizens who happened to qualify for the United States’ E-2 visas.

For those who have been looking to invest, work, and study in an economically-backed nation, obtaining Grenada citizenship can significantly help.