What is the Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway Program?

March 8, 2022 | | Blog |

The refined Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway Program is all set to replace the MPNP-B stream. In this program, Manitoba is recruiting and nominating various qualified businesses and personnel across the world who are ready to move to Manitoba and focus on developing their business or partnership with the existing business within the 24 months of arrival or if you are residing with a temporary work permit in Canada.

The major change in the Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway Program is applicants are not entitled to pay a deposit of $100,000 to the Manitoba Government. If you are looking to settle in a foreign land and have ideas that can lead to a major shift and expansion in business. FlyingColour Immigration services help you set up and get what you want in no time.


Requirement for Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway Program

Business Experience

The applicant is required to have a minimum of three years of full-time work experience or the applicant should be an active business owner or rendering its services as senior management in the successful business. If you are a business owner you have a higher chance of retaining than senior managers in the firm.

Age and Education

There is no minimum age requirement to commence or partner with a business to commence operations in Canada. The ranking points have set criteria where the candidate should be of age 25-49 and possess a minimum Canadian high school certificate equivalent to qualify for the Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway Program. The applicant must have received 6 bands in IELTS.

Minimum Business Investment

The minimum investment in business located in the Winnipeg Metropolitan region is $250,000 and outside of the region is $150,000. The investment should be made to an eligible business as stated by the MPNP.

Each business is entitled to create at least one job position for a Canadian resident or Manitoba resident who shouldn’t be related to them as blood or close relatives.

Business Research

The business plan is required as one of the vital parts of the application which allows the applicant to commence extensive research for their future investments. The business research is conducted one year before the submission of EOI to MPNP-Businessstream@gov.mb.ca with a business concept and self-assessment form. FlyingColour Immigration services can help you formulate the business plan and guide you each step of the way in your business journey.

The net worth of Entrepreneur

The applicant’s net worth should be about $500,000 that will be verified by the third-party supplier approved by the MPNP. The verification report is generated with the application and submitted to MPNP within the specified period of 120 days after receiving the LAA.



Manitoba Entrepreneur pathway program is an impeccable opportunity to pursue your dreams of owning an enterprise or partnering with a company. FlyingColour Immigration services help you achieve your dreams of setting up a business and connect you with professionals that can benefit you in the long run and contribute towards the success of the business.