Flyingcolour Real Estate Brokerage

Overview of Flyingcolour Real Estate Brokerage

Flyingcolour Real Estate Brokerage has its team of skilled, passionate group of property consultants and represents truly spectacular real estate – penthouses, apartments, villas and commercial space – across a range of exclusive projects.
The company was established on a simple principle: customer comes first. While new technology is certainly a valuable tool for both agents and clients, we know that nothing replaces face-to-face human interaction and a real world understanding of the property market.
With a keen emphasis on being highly customer-centric– never conceding our established high level of client care – the company is evolving its services in luxury property sales and rentals, development projects, and commercial property. Our vision is to be an essential part of Dubai’s next exciting chapter.
At Flyingcolour Real Estate Brokerage we are ultra-committed about what we do – and uncompromising about how we do it. With strong local presence, expertise and carefully established relationships with big name developers and discerning investors, we are the perfect real-estate solution for you, no matter whatever budget you have in your mind.
When it comes to working on behalf of clients, transparency is the cornerstone of our business. So, whether you are an investor, developer or end user, we offer you honest and practical guidance to ensure you secure the property you desire – in a market that is changing incredibly quickly.
Our insight and commitment to real estate means that we deliver that ‘something extra’ – and our agents are able to use their insider knowledge and extensive network to highlight needs that as a client you may not have even have fully anticipated. That is the Flyingcolour standard of doing business.

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