Second Passport

Overview of Second Passport

About the firm

Flyingcolour® is a leading immigration service providing firm. Hundreds of wealthy individuals rely on our expertise and advice. Flyingcolour® dated back in 2004, started operating as business setup and Fiduciary firm, eventually expanding into accounting, taxation, real estate brokerage and immigration services.
Fundamentally all of our services are essential to protect and grow the wealth of our clients. Globally, it requires varied range of country specific knowledge, so we are working with many reputed law firms and investment managers to strengthen our delivery and knowledge bank.

Our competence

We have strong operation team to deliver error less, high quality customer services and job delivery from initial consultation to your target destination.
We have developed a trusted network of associates across the world to provide most reliable services.
Initial consultation More understanding of the client by making due- diligence of documents Define the appropriate solution Implement the process to achieve the solution proposed Achieving the result
Note:-  Flyingcolour® has very stringent policies to on board the client and investigating client’s credentials. We do not on board the client if we feel no merits for the case as per the Government guidelines.

Our clients

Flyingcolour® has wide range of client base ranging from highly skilled individuals to ultra-high net worth individuals. For student visa, we also have brilliant young people as our clients aspiring to go for well-known universities across the globe for further higher studies.

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