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What is a Sole Representative Visa?

The Sole Representative Visa, also known as the Representative of an Overseas Business Visa is for non-UK Nationals who wish to help expand their employer’s business to the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is a popular destination for Businesses given its economy, security, and geographical location. The Sole Representative must be:

An Employee (for 12 months or more) of the Parent Company

Must have no more than 50% ownership of parent company

Must be a senior employee

Must have authority to make important decisions

From the very outset, we will provide you with an honest opinion of your case, the risks of making an application, and the associated costs.  We aim to provide strategic immigration advice relating to the Sole Representative Visa from the very beginning.

We analyze and consider the merits of making an application at this stage and whether there would be a benefit to wait.  For e.g. there are instances where the evidence regarding the Parent Company can benefit from time. 

We calculate and advise on whether making such an application poses any risks to the business.

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