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Overview of US Investor Visa

US Investor Visa – EB5 Visa  

When it comes to the US Investor Visa – EB5 visa, it is essential to know that such a visa type offers permanent US residency to investors who have invested in specific government-approved projects across the country. Moreover, it can be ideal and beneficial for several investors since it may grant access to some of the excellent benefits like the right to retire, work, live, study, and the education system in the United States. Besides, one will get the investment back after they have completed the project.

An applicant can also enlist their children who are under 21 years of age along with spouses. However, the primary applicant should stay in the country for six months every year. The Immigrant Investor Programme or the Regional Center Programme needs an investment of $1.8 million. There’s also a reduced $500,000 if an applicant makes the investment in Targeted Employment Areas (TEA). Such an activity sets aside every EB-5 visa for applicants who have invested in commercial companies or enterprises analogous to regional centres that are approved by the USCIS based on promoting economic growth. 

One should also know that the funds proof should be legally provided. Here, the investment should be placed at risk, and an applicant should not have any criminal record. In addition, the EB5 visa programme is one of the ways to obtain a green card through investment in the country’s government-approved projects. Investors will be rewarded with their respective green cards after a couple of years. However, this programme is only limited to around 10,000 applicants every year, with 5,000 of them reserved for specific regional centres.

One should understand that their success rates can vary when it comes to the EB-5 programme. Moreover, their success will depend on personal situation, investment type, regional centre, legal representation, and many other factors. Also, the E2 visa programme provides residency via considerable investment in an enterprise.

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US Investor Visa Options

EB-5 Regional Center Investment

Invest around $500,000 U.S. in any government-approved regional centre that falls under the EB-5 programme for a period of half a decade. After 18 months, an applicant can get a conditional green card that entitles them, along with their families and dependents, to enter the country to work, live, and study. Moreover, there is no age, education, or English language needs.


EB-5 Direct Investment

The EB-5 direct investment is one of the different programmes than the passive EB-5 regional centre option mentioned above. For this, it’s your shop to manoeuvre. To acquire respective green cards for you and your family, you need to invest a total of around $1 million U.S. in your business and employ at least ten people for a couple of years.


Inter-corporate Transferee

In the inter-corporate transferee programme option, you can be transferred from your home company to a company affiliated with the US to work as an executive or manager or someone with specialized knowledge. You can think about the manager of Toyota getting transferred to the United States to operate their subsidiary plant.


E-2 Work Visa

Suppose your home country has a specific investment treaty with the US. In that case, you might be eligible to receive an E-2 visa from working for a company you structure in the US. In simple terms, you’re the immigrant employee and the sponsor, both.


EB-1 Extraordinary Immigrants

In case you acquire extraordinary ability and capability in the field of sciences, arts, education, athletics, or business, you have the option of applying directly for your respective green card. For example, think about Albert Einstein, Julio Iglesias, Gordon Ramsay, or Yao Ming. You need to be of this stature.

How Do I Acquire A US Investor Visa?

  • As an applicant, you should meet the minimum capital amount required to enrol on the programme—either $1.8 million outside TEAs or $500,000 in a TEA.
  • In addition, it should create a minimum of ten new full-time job opportunities for the first couple of years. In this case, if you cannot prove the creation of specific positions, you need to verify that the requirement of a minimum of ten people will arise in the future. 
  • Every penny you invest in the project should be obtained through legal activities.
  • Moving on, you need to take the approval of the USCIS against your investment.
  • The company, an applicant, invests in must be one of the “for-profit” new commercial businesses established after 1990.
  • Moreover, the amount you intend to invest should be considered at-risk, as already discussed. This means that there will be no guarantee of capital return.
US Investor Visa Consultants

You should select the company you want to invest in, either by yourself or through a specific regional centre. Because of the investment amount, you may be required to hire legal representatives to assist you through such draining processes. However, after the government settles your investment, you can gather all the necessary evidence available at your disposal and submit the visa application for the EB-5 programme.


The actual EB-5 Visa application cost falls around $3,675 for an individual applicant. Naturally, with an additional $900,000 one invests, there will be various other administrative fees, like:

  • Medical examination fees
  • Processing fee for the Form DS-260
  • Translation fees from foreign language to English (if any)
  • Additional fees to acquire supporting papers
  • Additional fees if you hire legal help for your investment process

US Investor Visa Process and Documents

While applying for the EB-5 Visa programme, the USCIS may ask an applicant to prove if their investment meets every requirement. The papers or documents one submits should include:


  • Documentary evidence that proves that an applicant is in the investing process or has either invested in a for-profit new company or enterprise formed after 1990
  • Bought one of the for-profit new commercial companies formed before 1990
  • If an applicant plans to invest in for-profit new enterprises created before 1990, investment results in a minimum of 40% boost in the applicant’s number of employees or total net worth.
  • One needs to provide the evidence that they will oversee or manage the new company.
  • An applicant also needs to prove that all their investments have resulted in a minimum of ten full-time jobs – indirectly or directly. Moreover, they can submit a comprehensive plan of management that shows a minimum of ten all-new positions that your enterprise will require.
  • Evidence document that one intends to keep all their employees for a minimum of a couple of years.
  • You need to provide proof that all the minimum investment required has been submitted. 
  • There needs to be proof of the investment money’s legal sources. For example:
      • Corporate, personal or partnership tax returns
      • Records of foreign business registration
      • Proof should be provided if the applicant has other sources of capital.
  • An applicant needs to prove the pending criminal or civil actions against them from a court outside or inside the United States from the past 15 years (if any).
  • Your passport.
  • Civil documents like marriage and birth certificates
  • Passport-size pictures.
  • Medical Examination Forms

Benefits of US Investor Visa

  • There are several benefits for investors willing to invest in the US through the EB-5 visa programme. An applicant can work, live, and study in the United States. This goes the same with their family members and dependants.
  • A successful applicant will obtain his or her respective green card, which can be renewed on a regular basis. This allows you to enjoy every benefit of staying on the grounds of the United States.
  • Once you are in the United States, you can apply for American citizenship in a few years from the time you landed in the country. Such a move will provide you with access to some of the strongest passports that exist in the world.
  • One of the most significant benefits of getting through the US investor visa is the benefit of travelling everywhere, in and out, of the United States without the headache of applying for multiple visas every time. 
  • You can travel to various other countries that enable visa-free routes and passages to Green Card holders. Moreover, as an applicant, you will be getting your capital investment back, but only if you invested wisely.
  • Do you know what is the best healthcare provider in the world – The United States. And, as a green card holder, you will be receiving access to some of the best American healthcare providers, which are the best worldwide.

Let Us Help You for US Investor Visa

  • In-detail Attention

We know how some minor errors or pieces of ignorance can lead to a failed visa application. Even a slight mistake can be detrimental in your case and can result in problematic situations. Such a thing can delay your entire process and sometimes cancel your complete operation. A professional consultant like us can guide you through specific situations and can quickly eliminate mistakes and correct them if they occur.


  • Cost for Time-Saving

Even if you want to make everything on your own and proceed further, this may take much of your time and effort. So, as immigration experts, you can hire us to take care of your immigration process and save a lot of time. Many people think that paying consultants can be expensive. However, what they do not realize is that it is entirely worth it. 


  • Polite Support

Consultants never get annoyed with mistakes made by applicants. After all, this is the sole reason for their existence. At Flying Colour, we provide unquestionable support and never hesitate or shy away from assisting you, even if it takes a significant amount of time to resolve a specific situation. In the end, our focus is to get you through successful immigration.


  • Personal Privacy

Remember, we, as visa consultants, never share personal details of yours with anyone. This follows the same when it comes to your mistakes. Any confidential or personal information that an applicant cannot share publicly, such as your financial issues, employment status, income, and various other things, will be a part of the secretive approach and will be kept private at all times. 


Yes, but there is a condition. The entire capital that falls under the EB-5 investment programme should be obtained through a financial institute where investors need to enlist their assets as collateral. However, the collaterals can’t be your EB-5 assets that an applicant intends to invest in. 

The H1-b holder may apply for the EB-5 visa even if they are working in the US and wish to remain under a valid status. However, if the I-526 petition gets approved and the availability of such a visa is there when H-1b visa holders are legally operating and staying in the United States, an I-485 petition must be filed to modify your status where you need to be the conditional permanent resident.

If you intend to borrow money as a significant part of the EB-5 investment, then it needs to be secured by collaterals mentioned by the applicants. One can also use the gifted money, but it needs to be authenticated for EB-5 itself. Moreover, the donor also needs to provide authentic documentation for those gifted funds.

In general terms, prospective investors may take financial institution loans to participate in the EB-5 visa programme. But, your loan should be secured through assets, and your collateral asset can’t be the sole EB-5 business you intend to invest in. Several investors need to submit to the USCIS through specific paperwork or documentation on the loan’s terms and conditions.

The EB-5 investor can work with any United States’ employee after they gain the status of a conditional PR or obtain specific work authorizations. 

If applicants from such a category already reside in the United States as undocumented immigrants, they cannot avail of the benefits of the EB-5 visa programme. That is because, even if they have the approval of the I-526s, they won’t be able to adjust in the United States legally. This is because they do not have a legal status here in the United States in the first place. 

EB-5 investors can get the part or full of their money when their investment and immigration cycles get completed or run through the course. Many regional centres will also include the conditions and terms of exit procedures that you can find in the investment agreements or various other documents. 

The EB-5 Investor Visa Programme was established in 1990 by Congress to stimulate the American job market and incentivize foreign investment. Such a programme not only benefits the U.S. with foreign capital inflows but also provides foreign investors with a significant amount of access to education, world-class jobs, and several healthcare opportunities. 

Taking part in the EB-5 visa programme is one of the demanding processes that need careful execution and planning for both legal/financial representatives and investors. However, the initial step is to acknowledge the EB-5 project through a direct investment scope or a regional centre. 

The required investment amount for every EB-5 applicant tends to vary, depending on the company’s location that an investor opts for. If they are investing in the TEAs, their investment threshold needs to be $900,000. Or else, the minimum amount of investment increases to a figure of about $1.8 million. Besides, specific project developers can utilise their EB-5 assets as powerful fund sources for other development projects in the United States.

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