Canada ICT – A great way to grow your business and get PR

September 23, 2022 | | Blog |

Intra-company transfer (ICT) to Canada is a wonderful road to Canada PR because of Canada’s image as a safe and desirable place to live. Multinational corporations that wish to expand their businesses or relocate frequently choose Canada as their destination. The “International Mobility Program” is another name for this. If your business is already well-established outside of Canada, you can start a branch without any local involvement in either Ontario or British Columbia. You can go there yourself or send an employee by obtaining an ICT work visa from your Canadian branch.

International businesses can temporarily relocate qualified individuals to Canada with an ICT work permit in order to manage or enhance the operations of the Canadian branch. The employee may apply for senior executive, senior management, or a job requiring specific expertise for the operation of a Canadian firm.

The key benefit of the ICT programme is that it is LMIA exempt and you may obtain Canadian permanent residency without having to quit your existing employment or business. This is significant since not everyone is able to do this. The employee will only be paid by the parent firm and manage a Canadian subsidiary company.  The Canadian ICT programme and the US L-1 programme are comparable in many aspects.

The eligible employee can be from any of these 3 categories:

Senior Executive: A senior executive is a person who oversees the administration of an organization or a significant component or function within an organization and sets the objectives and guidelines for those entities.

Senior Manager: An employee who oversees and regulates the work of other supervisory, professional, or management staff members, who manages a crucial function within the company, or who manages the organization as a whole or a department or subdivision of the organization.

An employee with Specialized knowledge: An employee who has industry-specific knowledge about a company’s goods or services or specialized information acquired via extensive recent experience with the company and used by the person to greatly increase the productivity of the employer

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