Greece Golden Visa: The most flexible investment route to EU PR

September 22, 2022 | | Blog |

The investment structure of the Greek Golden Visa is unmatched by any other EU program. It is unmatched in the European context due to the low investment requirements, the opportunity to choose assets on the open market, and the freedom to swap between investments. Greece has a wide range of investment opportunities covered by a straightforward program with several advantages.

Other EU nations keep updating their investment migration programs; Malta, for instance, recently changed its citizenship by investment program into MEIN.  Portugal now only allows residential real estate investments in the interior of the nation as of this year; Italy changed its golden visa last year. The Greece Golden Visa program is still flexible, quick, and reliable.

Three essential advantages relating to investments are offered by Greece’s golden visa: total expenditure, increased investment alternatives, and flexibility. With the aid of this framework, investors are able to select the best investment for securing a Greek residency permit for themselves and their families.

With a minimal investment requirement of just EUR 250,000, the Greek golden visa program continues to be among the most cost-effective EU residence by investment programs. It’s true that Portugal’s minimum is likewise set at EUR 250,000, but in Portugal, that amount must be given to the arts and culture; in Greece, it must be invested in real estate.

The minimum investment requirement for Spain’s golden visa is EUR 500,000, which is double the requirement for Greece. The minimum barrier for banking goods under the Greek golden visa is set at EUR 400,000, but it is EUR 500,000 for Portugal under its investment fund category.

Other expenses, such as those for permit issuance and renewal, are considerably less expensive in Greece compared to EU counterparts, and the Greek golden visa is processed much more quickly. Overall, Greece requires significantly less time and money to operate.

Because there are no geographic constraints on property purchased under a golden visa and because the property can be either residential or commercial, the potential for profit from an investment may be significantly larger – and simpler – in Greece.

The capacity to select the investment or property that best meets one’s needs is one of the most important aspects of any investment. This is where the Greek golden visa shines since it gives investors access to a completely open real estate market. As long as they fulfill the minimum investment requirement, investors are free to choose any property or assemble a portfolio of properties. Investors may build investment portfolios that suit their requirements and goals by selecting one or more properties. In one of the most tourist-friendly nations in the world, they may purchase great properties for their own use or search for homes with an immense potential for ROI. Additionally, people may choose the houses they want to lease for a while.

A distinctive component of the programme that makes it stand out from other EU visa programmes is how easily investors may swap between companies if something better comes along.

The Greece Golden Visa is renowned for its low cost, easy and quick application process, and several advantages, but one feature of the programme is sometimes disregarded: its long-term flexibility.

An investor may very easily sell a home for whatever reason and buy another one to keep their investment over the minimum requirement. It’s easy to swap out the original property, and it’s legally straightforward to keep your residency during the transition.

The Greek Golden Visa not only enables easy adjustments to the investment within categories but also across categories: You may simply change your investment from, for instance, real estate to bank deposits or from company investments to government bonds while maintaining your residency status. You may quickly and easily make up the EUR 150,000 difference if, for example, you first received your golden visa through a EUR 400,000 term deposit but later discovered a really intriguing property you’d want to buy.

One of the greatest residence by investment programs the world has to offer is the Greek golden visa, which has demonstrated this time and time again. Finding a fantastic investment in Greece is simple, as is subsequently upgrading it to an even greater one.

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