Moving To Canada From Dubai – Everything You Should Know

Moving To Canada From Dubai UAE
May 6, 2021 | | Canada Immigration |

The UAE is a mix of exotic cultures settled all around the Persian Gulf. And, once you are immersed in the Emirati culture and lifestyle, moving onto far-flung shores can welcome several challenges. You may miss the food, lifestyle, landscapes, or even people you stayed with.  However, whatever brought you close to Dubai is reaching its final chapter. Now, you will have to start all over again.

In case you have decided to call Atlantic your new home, a move to Canada from Dubai may require a lot of consideration, especially if one has lived in Dubai for some period. We won’t be reaching out to Canadian immigration but rather concentrate on a lot of other factors that may add up. Several reasons exist because of which most of the ex-pats are settling in Canada from Dubai. Some of the reasons can be – work contracts reaching their end, looking for a slower lifestyle, and a diverse landscape.

If you are taking the pledge and moving to Canada from Dubai, you might have to create a checklist of your own.  You can tick them off once accomplished.

01. Visa Eligibility

Remember, people who have had a criminal background are not allowed in Canada. Furthermore, ex-pats with human rights or international violations, pending financial obligations, and health risks are non-compliant with the IRPA (Immigration Refugee Protection Act). Before you plan on migrating, ensure not to match any of such categories.

You can have a word with a visa consultant to obtain Canada immigration Dubai. However, there are various visa types available. So, choose from the following.

  • Business Start-up or Investor
  • Express Entry for Skilled Workers
  • Family-Sponsored
  • Provincial Class
  • Spouse Sponsored
  • International Adoption
  • Quebec-Selected
  • Refugees
  • Self-Employed
  • Caregivers

02. Taxes

In Jan 2018, the UAE government imposed a 5% tax on services and goods. It is the same with Canada, and people or workers who move to Canada have to submit tax returns after every financial year. Besides, tax collection will most likely depend on your work and status as per every city. For instance, tax in Alberta is calculated from 5% and can reach up to 14.96% in Quebec.

Moreover, there is also Child Tax Benefit, where eligible families experiencing low incomes and with kids under 18 will receive monthly payments directly from the government.

03. Cost of Living

It is essential to know that the living cost in Canada is considerably higher than that of living in Dubai. Moreover, the groceries, liquor, restaurants, and transportation cost in Toronto is 35% higher. It could be challenging to find a suitable job in Canada.  However, if you belong to the IT sector, you are at an ideal location. When it comes to salaries in Toronto, the salary range is 10% lower than Dubai’s.

So, before you moving to Canada, understand the express entry Canada requirements or plan beforehand, which will eventually give you a lot of time to prepare and act. In case you are moving with pets or children, talk to a professional consultant so that you can obtain all the help required to move to Canada, and that too without any hassle.