Prepare A Checklist Before Moving To The US From Dubai

Checklist Before Moving To The US From Dubai
May 6, 2021 | | USA Visa |

Remember, if you are moving from the UAE to the US, you will have to go through some excruciating planning and some detailed documentation. While moving to the United States, you will experience some of the conjuring thoughts such as living in a diverse country, a pot of people coming from worldwide corners, and lastly, living the American Dream.  However, there are some vital challenges that you need to administer before moving to the United States.

If you are someone who is applying for the US Visa Dubai or even the US Investor Visa from Dubai, you should know some factors that can make things easier for you while on a brand-new soil of interest. Know that the key lies in how you prepare and research. Note how work and entry permits work in the US. Observe and jot down the cost of living in some of the neighboring cities of the country. While some American cities are expensive to live in, there is some surprising amount of bureaucracy and red tape.

Housing, education, and healthcare are some of the notable considerations before you apply for US Visa from Dubai. Here we have all that you need to know.


It is not just the natives of the country who are constantly chasing the American dream, but it is also the population that has come from foreign countries, chasing the same old American Dream. According to one of the researches by the Pew Research Center, nearly one-fifth of the worldwide migrants move to the United States.

Meanwhile, yet another factor to consider is qualifying under the health needs for your US immigration. For such a situation, you might have to arrange an appointment with your physician before consulting a visa consultant.

Living/Lifestyle in the United States

Moving to the United States is in itself an adventure of a lifetime for some people. Known as the biggest economy globally, the country has a lot of potentials when it comes to new arrivals. Several ex-pats moving to the country find adjusting to the lifestyle a bit straightforward and efficient, primarily when moving to popular cities like LA, New York, Dallas, Phoenix, Washington, Houston, Philadelphia, etc.

How varied is America?

The United States is vastly varied. Even though there are several forms of similarities throughout the country, specific aspects of lifestyle and life differ when it comes to urban cities and East and West Coastlines of the country. Moreover, landscape, the pace of life, politics, climate, social and liberal views can also vary.

What is the Cost of Living 

According to one of the surveys by, you have to allocate around 34.5% of your monthly income for house rent.  Post that, 31% can be allocated for groceries, food, and various other household expenses.  Then, 15% on sports and leisure, utilities, and clothing and footwear. Then, lastly, it is 11% that you need to leave for transportation. So, before you apply for a US Visa Dubai, make sure you are already familiar with such factors.

Most expensive and cheapest cities in the United States?

Know that the most expensive ten cities in the country are San Francisco, New York, Honolulu (Hawaii), Washington DC, Boston, San Jose, Oakland, LA, San Diego, and Miami.

Meanwhile, the cheapest ones are Kansas City. Buffalo, Birmingham, Dayton (Ohio), Memphis, Louiseville, Colorado Springs, Greenville (S.C), and San Antonio.