The Most Powerful Passports in the World

December 21, 2021 | | Blog |

The ongoing pandemic has not only put a halt on our lives but also movements across the world.  Having said that, the travel industry is one of the major sectors to experience such significant setback. However, things have changed substantially, and people are heading to the airport again to enjoy a holiday abroad with friends and family.  So, what holds you back? Is it the paper formalities or your passport?  Yes, not every passport is equal.

The most potent passports enable holders to gain access to several countries without any additional requirements, such as added visas and formalities. To begin with, here are some of the top passports you need to know about.


Yes, it is Japan that tops the list of powerful passports in the world. You can enter and travel through 193 countries.


Up next are the Singaporean holders who can enter and travel across 192 nations without any visa requirements.

South Korea/Germany

South Korea and Germany are third in the list, allowing holders to travel across 191 nations.


Italian, Finnish, Spanish and Luxembourgish passports allow visa-free entry into 190 nations.


Europe is not just known for its diversity and background. Passport holders from Austria and Denmark can make the most of 189 countries with a visa-free entrance.

France/Ireland/The Netherlands/Sweden/Portugal

More European Union nations are on the top of the list with visa-free access to around 188 countries.

Belgium/Switzerland/New Zealand/United States/United Kingdom

When we speak about the top 20 countries allowing visa-free travel, holders from the United Kingdom and the United States rarely have to go through visa approvals. As a matter of fact, passport holders of countries like New Zealand, Belgium, and Switzerland can enter 187 countries.

Czech Republic/Malta/Greece/Norway

Meanwhile, Greece, Czech, Norwegian, and Maltese passports allow their holders to access around 186 countries.


185 is the number that an Australian and Canadian national can gain access to without any visa requirements or approvals.


Passport holders from Hungary can travel to 184 countries, making them the top 30 passports.


Wondering about who falls under the category of 183? It’s these three nations.


Up close are Latvian, Slovenian, Estonian, and Icelandic passports with visa-free travel to 182 countries.


Close to 179 countries accept holders from Liechtenstein or Malaysia without any visa.

Some of the countries that are holding onto the latter positions are as follows:

  • Cyprus – 176 countries
  • Monaco/United Arab Emirates – 175 countries
  • Chile/Bulgaria/Romania – 174 countries
  • Croatia – 173 countries
  • Hong Kong – 171 countries
  • Argentina/Brazil – 170 countries
  • San Marino/Andorra – 169 countries
  • Brunei – 166 countries
  • Barbados – 161 countries
  • Mexico/Israel – 159 countries
  • St. Kitts and Nevis – 157 countries
  • Bahamas – 155 countries

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