All about Grenada Citizenship and its Benefits

December 20, 2021 | | Blog |

Launched back in August 2013, this Investment Program for Grenada Citizenship came into action when the Grenadian Parliament cleared and passed the Citizenship by Investment Act, 2013.  However, if you are looking to apply for Grenada citizenship anytime soon, here are some details you need to know

Grenada Citizenship by Investment

There are several vital benefits of the Grenada Citizenship Program:

  • Visa-on-arrival or visa-free access to more than 140 destinations, comprising Hong Kong, China, the UK, Singapore, and Europe’s Schengen Area
  • This is the only Caribbean citizenship -scheme that offers visa-free access to China
  • Furthermore, this is one of the only investment programs that can hold an E-2 Investor Visa Treaty with the United States, enabling citizens to fall under eligible criteria to apply for non-immigrant visas
  • The citizenship is transferable to future generations and new spouses
  • The ability and potential to include children under 30, a spouse, parents, unmarried siblings aged 18 and over, and grandparents of the primary applicant and spouse
  • There are no restrictions on dual citizenship.
  • There is no minimum stay required.

Route to Grenadian citizenship

The citizenship program needs applicants to make a substantial economic contribution to the nation or obtain an asset approved by the government. However, in exchange, the applicants and their respective families shall be granted citizenship after a thorough round of background checks. Moreover, to qualify for Grenada citizenship, the principal applicant should be over 18 years, meet specific requirements, and satisfy either of the two qualifying options:

  1. National Transformation Fund Donation: An applicant must make a non-refundable contribution of USD 150,000 to the NFT for a single applicant.
  2. Real estate: An applicant is required to purchase a minimum of USD 220,000 through a government-approved real estate market.

Time Frame & Procedures of the Grenada Citizenship Program

The citizenship program has an application process that is uncomplicated and efficient. And, the essential thing is that an applicant does not have to visit the country to complete any form of the citizenship process.

We will be assisting you with all the relevant documentation, accompanied by comprehensive yet detailed instructions. Once everything reaches us, our team will double-check the application for accuracy and completeness to minimize the rejection possibility.

Once you submit the application, the government will provide the answer within 90 days.  In addition to the process, Grenada Passports will reach you within ten working days.  Another essential point is that applicants are not needed to pick their passports physically. When it comes to the real estate option, every project has a varying time frame. As a result, it is essential to choose a specific real estate project that can proffer necessary paperwork from the developer. And, when it concerns such a step, we can guide you through this.

If you wish to get Grenada Citizenship and avail it’s benefits, FlyingColour Immigration has a team of experienced immigration professionals who can guide you through the entire process.  Contact us directly on +971554413566 or +971 4 4542366.