Complete Guide to Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment

Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment
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Vanuatu Citizenship

Composed of a string of 80 islands, Vanuatu serves as the ultimate paradise for foreigners who are looking to upgrade their lifestyle. As an island country by the South Pacific Ocean, the country is made up of mountains, turquoise blue water, along with lush tropical rainforest. In short, this country is home to beautiful scenery that will delight the eyeballs of foreigners.

Vanuatu is ideal for those foreigners who need the utmost privacy as far removed from the rest of the world as possible. Apart from the remoteness of the country, the best thing about this country that is set aside from other countries is its Vanuatu citizenship by investment. However, even though Vanuatu is used to being an offshore tax haven, it has indeed found running the passport scheme challenging at times. Indeed, you have guessed it right! It is too difficult to obtain this kind of visa in this country.

If you are among those foreigners who are thinking about applying for Vanuatu citizenship by investment programthen you need to provide this article with some of your valuable time. In this article, we will provide you with every crucial insight, like Vanuatu citizenship benefitsFurthermore, we will discuss the steps that you’re required to follow to obtain this visa.

Vanuatu citizenship

Vanuatu citizenship by investment – Overview  

The Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment programwhich is additionally known as the Vanuatu Citizenship Development Support Program (DSP), was launched in 2017. This citizenship program is one of the fastest citizenship programs in the world. With the help of this citizenship, foreigners may get a passport to this country within 2 to 3 months.

While Vanuatu citizenship by investment is not the cheapest option, it is one of the easiest methods to get citizenship because it has only a few investment options. Furthermore, you are not required to enter Vanuatu to obtain a second citizenship. Apart from these, there are uncountable benefits that you may obtain with the help of this citizenship.

However, Vanuatu citizenship with DSP is simply honorable and does not allow its holders to take part in any political event within the country. It means that these honorary citizens are not allowed to participate in the election of this country and run for office.

Benefits of Vanuatu citizenship by investment 

As mentioned earlier, there are countless benefits that you may obtain with the help of this Vanuatu citizenship through an investment program. Let us have a look at the top Vanuatu citizenship benefits:


➣Visa-free entry to Asia

The first benefit that you can obtain with a Vanuatu citizenship visa through investment is visa-free travel to numerous Asian countries. Indeed, you have read it right! Vanuatu citizens are allowed to visit more than 90 countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, and more.

➣Tax optimization

Investors with this citizenship are allowed to develop an International business company (IBC) within Vanuatu. However, such companies are not eligible to earn in this country. However, these companies are allowed to enjoy tax incentives in this country.

The company and its shareholders don’t pay tax on corporate profits, personal income, inheritance, and more. Instead, there is a flat annual fee of $300. Remember, the beneficial tax regime is valid for twenty years.

➣An easy path to citizenship

Last but not least, there is no language test, interview, or need to visit Vanuatu for Vanuatu citizenship by investmentFurthermore, investors are allowed to keep passports from other countries after gaining this citizenship.


Investment Options

To get Vanuatu citizenship by an investment programyou are required to make an investment in reliable assets in Vanuatu. The country offers many options for investment to obtain this type of citizenship. Here is the list of investment options that you can make for this citizenship:

  • USD 165,000 for a married couple and a child
  • USD 180,000 for a married couple and two children
  • USD 150,000 for a married couple
  • USD 25,000 for each additional dependent
  • USD 130,000 for a single applicant

Vanuatu citizenship

Eligibility requirement for Vanuatu citizenship by investment program 

There are numerous eligibility criteria that you have to fulfill to enroll yourself into Vanuatu citizenship by investmentLet us take a look at the eligibility criteria that an applicant is required to fulfill to get this citizenship:

  • The main applicant for Vanuatu citizenship must be 18 years of age or older
  • Dependent children under the age of 25
  • Dependent parents above the age of 50
  • Applicants must hold no criminal record
  • Proof of funds totaling at least $250,000

Documents required for Vanuatu citizenship by investment  

To get any citizenship or visa, it is crucial to gather some documents. Similarly, there are a few documents that you need for Vanuatu citizenship by investmentHere is the list of documents that you need to get this citizenship:

– Proof of payment of nonrefundable processing and due diligence fees

– Investment Confirmation / Escrow agreement

– Original or copy of Marriage Certificate (if required)

– Original or copy of Birth Certificate (if applicable)

– Proof of net wealth

– Certified copy of passport

– Certified copy of ID Card

– Official transcripts of written verification from a recognized education center (dependents over 18)

– Six passport-size photos

– Medical Certificate

– Employment letter

– Original Bank Reference Letter (Not older than 6 months)

– Original Professional Reference Letter (Not older than 6 months)

– Original Police Clearance Certificate

– Professional and academic certificates (if applicable)

How do you apply for Vanuatu citizenship by investment program? 

There are several steps that you need to follow to obtain Vanuatu citizenship by investment program.The following is the list of steps that you should follow to get this citizenship:

  1. Initially, collect and prepare all documents, then submit the application through an online portal.
  2. The Vanuatu government and FIU will conduct a due diligence check to confirm your eligibility for this scheme.
  3. After checks, the government will pre-approve your application and let you meet the investment requirements.
  4. After pre-approval, you should make the required investment and provide the proof.
  5. Once you receive your citizenship certificate, you must take an oath. After taking the oath, you will get a Vanuatu passport.

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