New Investment Option in St Lucia for CBI Program and How it Benefits the Applicant

St. Lucia CBI
February 21, 2024 | | citizenship by investment, St. Lucia's Passport |

Ultimate Guide St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment

St. Lucia is the only country named for women and has obtained numerous accolades over the years as “the best honeymoon destination in the world.” With a population of 180,000, the country is additionally home to the most famous CBI program and a well-developed hospitality and financial sector.

The St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program lets foreign investors get citizenship by making a significant investment in the country’s economy. However, there are numerous investment options to obtain CBI in this country. 

Recently the country has also introduced a new investment option for the CBI program for St. Lucia.

If you are interested in learning about the new investment option for the St Lucia CBI programthen you must read this article. This article will highlight the details of the New Investment option in St. Lucia for the CBI program. In addition, you will get the benefit of a St Lucia passportand the St. Lucia CBI program.


St. Lucia Citizenship By Investment program

St Lucia Citizenship by Investment – Overview

St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment program, also known as the St Lucia CBI program,allows foreigners to get their country’s nationality by contributing to the country’s economy. The minimum investment for this citizenship program is $100,000. Applicants who want to invest in this program will have to choose an investment program from the below investment options:

– A contribution to a state fund

– Business or enterprise investment

– Real estate investment

– Purchase of government bonds

The investors of this citizenship-by-investment program are allowed to return the money in five years by redeeming bonds or selling out real estate properties and government bonds. Investors get citizenship under a simplified procedure. Remember, they don’t have to get a residence permit, live in a country, or take a language proficiency test.

The best thing about this CBI program is an investor’s children, spouse, parents, and sibling may obtain citizenship under the St Lucia Citizenshipby investment program. St Lucia invested in its citizenship by investment program in 2015. The CBI or Citizenship By Investment Act and its amendments regulate the program rules in St. Lucia.


Benefits of Citizenship by Investment Program in St. Lucia 

There are numerous advantages you can enjoy with the help of St. Lucia’s CBI program. The best benefit you can get by obtaining this citizenship is that you will get the benefit of a St Lucia passport. Apart from this, you can enjoy uncountable benefits with the CBI program in this country. 

Here is the list of top benefits you can enjoy with St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program:


1. Dual citizenship

Second citizenship in St. Lucia creates opportunities and flexibility for you and your family in a world of unpredictable politics and economics. The St. Lucian or Caribian passport is convenient, affordable, and quicker to obtain. As a result, this St Lucia Citizenship is also known as Plan B.


2. Government bond

St. Lucia is the only Caribbean country to give government bond investment options as a route for citizenship by investment. The best part about this investment is that it is fully refundable and risk-free investment guarantees return by the government after five years to give investors a complete piece of mind with your investment.

3. Tax optimization

By investing in the citizenship by investment program in St. Lucia, you can also enjoy numerous tax benefits. The St Lucia CBI program gives you freedom from income tax on foreign tax, inheritance tax, and wealth taxes. 

It means you can save a wide amount of money by getting this citizenship.

4. Visa-free access

The passport of St. Lucia provides you with visa-free access to more than 148 countries Singapore, Hong Kong, the UK, the European Union, and more are some of the top countries where you may enjoy visa-free access by paying out St Lucia citizenship by investment cost.


5. No residency requirement 

Last but not least, the St Lucia Citizenship By Investment program gives investors no residency requirement. It indicates that there are no language tests or residency requirements. The complete process is remote without the need for a visit to St Lucia.

St. Lucia Citizenship By Investment program


New investment option in St. Lucia for the CBI program 

As mentioned above, there are four investment options for St Lucia Citizenship By Investment. Recently, St Lucia introduced one new investment option. Let us understand the new investment options in St. Lucia for CBI programs:


Infrastructure option

The St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Unit disclosed on 1st February 2024 its intention to incorporate a new opportunity into enterprise or business investments to grant foreign investors with the ability to obtain citizenship in this country by engaging in infrastructure projects in the country.

The St Lucia Government has decreased the minimum investment needed for enterprise or business projects from $3.5 million to $100,000 for investors applying for citizenship by investment. A third new decreased option has been introduced within this category by the Saint Lucia government.

The regulation for enterprise or business projects is published in the Citizenship of Investment Act No. 14 of 2015 (‘‘the Act’’) plus the Citizenship by Investment Regulations No. 89 of 2015 (‘‘the Regulations’’).

Investment in Infrastructure option 

 The enterprise project option may be affordable for families applying for the CIP as compared to the donation option. Remember, the administration fees also apply to the infrastructure investment option. As a result, the administration cost might increase the overall St Lucia citizenship by investment costSo let us take a look at the investment options for infrastructure investment;

– Single applicant – $100,000* (minimum requirements)

– Applicants with 3 qualifying dependents – $150,000* (minimum requirement)


An additional and non-refundable administration cost of $15,000* will apply. However, you should pay additional costs for dependents.

Benefits of infrastructure option 

The infrastructure option offers two key benefits over other enterprise investments. Below are the two benefits of the infrastructure investment option:

– A noticeably lowered minimum investment threshold of USD 100,000*.

– The investment option has also decreased documentation requirements to satisfy the screening and verification process.

This investment option is easily available for applicants from 5th February 2024.


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