How to Renew the Portugal Passive Income D7 Visa?

How to Renew the Portugal Passive Income D7 Visa
February 6, 2024 | | D7 Portugal Visa |

Renew the Portugal Passive Income D7 Visa

Portugal serves as the leading country for those people and their families who are looking for residence in the European Union or EU. The country provides foreigners with a stable and social environment, clear and transparent tax rules, good infrastructure, a favorable investment climate, and an excellent quality of life.

Portugal or Passive Income D7 is an excellent route of residency for investors, entrepreneurs, and retirees who are looking to get Portuguese citizenship a few years down the road. The visa is perfect for those people who are looking for EU residency leading to citizenship.

Like any other visa, you are required to Renew the Portugal Passive Income D7 Visa. However, the process of this visa renewal is not difficult. However, you need to show some dedication to renew this visa.

In this article, we are going to provide you with an in-depth guide to the Passive Income D7 Visa.  Furthermore, we will disclose to you some basic information, like benefits, requirements, and more about this visa.

So, without further delay, let us kick start our journey to Portugal Passive Income D7 visa.


Portugal D7 visa – Overview

 Portugal introduced the D7 visa to offer non-EU/ EEA/ Swiss citizens the opportunity to live in this country as a residence. You might be surprised to learn that this visa serves as a route to citizenship along with permanent residency. Indeed, you have guessed it right. The Portugal Passive Income or D7 visa will provide you with the ability to become eligible for permanent residency or citizenship.

The D7 visa is additionally popular as the Portugal Passive Income Visa or Passive Income D7 because you have to fulfill certain passive income requirements to get it. Remember, this visa is only valid for four months, during which you are required to request a residency permit to stay in the country. After the request, you may get a temporary residency permit for two years. Once getting the permit, you will be able to live, study, or work in this country.


Benefits of renewing Portugal D7 visa

After ending the period of the visa, you will stop getting the benefits that you obtained from Passive Income D7Once you have completed the renewal process of this visa, you will restart getting the same benefits that you get from Portugal Long-stay Visa. Here is the list of benefits that you can get from this visa:

  1. Residence rights

After obtaining or renewing the Passive Income D7 Visa, you are going to get all the rights that a regular resident of this country gets. Here is the list of rights that you can get from this visa:

● Access and safety from the Portuguese Law and Legal System

● Access to Vocational Schooling in Portugal

● Access to the National Health Care Service

● Access to the National Education and schools in Portugal

● Conducting any kind of professional activity as an independent professional

2. Family reunification

Once you have renewed or obtained aPassive Income D7 Visayou will additionally be able to join your family in this country. You are allowed to perform family reunification with SEF with no need to apply for a family reunification visa.

The following is the list of family members who are eligible for family reunification of this visa:

● Your spouse or partner

● Children under 18, children over 18 who are dependent

● Your parents or your spouse’s parents, as long as they are dependent on you

● Your minor/sibling

3. Business-friendly environment

The country additionally has a city called Lisbon, which is the heart of entrepreneurs and the digital nomad community. By obtaining or renew Portugal visayou will be able to visit and live in this city. The city serves as an excellent hub for start-ups, with plenty of co-working spaces, chic cafes, and an overall business-friendly environment. This city is also home to beaches, vibrant culture, and colorful streets that make this city a favourite for nomads.

The best thing about this country is that it has additionally proved itself mettled against economic instability by continuously coming out of it better than earlier. The broader customer base, along with the EU membership of this country, makes the country an excellent base to run business activities and access regional markets.


Documents required to renew Portugal D7 visa

 To renew Portugal visa you are required to gather the same documents that you picked to obtain this visa. In case you have forgotten the list of documents, take a look at the documents that you are required to collect for Portugal Long-stay Visa:

● Filled-out application form

● A passport or another valid travel document

● Clean criminal record

● Portuguese NIF (income tax number)

● Proof of accommodation (rental or purchase agreement)

● Proof of means of subsistence

● Two passport photos

● Valid health insurance

● Letter of intent

Apart from these documents, you might additionally want to gather other documents for renewing D7 Visa Requirements. We recommend you consult Flying Colour Relocation to get the complete list of documents that you need to gather for the renewal of your Passive Income D7 Visa. 

Eligibility requirement for renewal of the Portugal D7 Visa

Similar to document requirements, the eligibility D7 Visa Requirements for the renewal of this visa are also the same as the eligibility for obtaining a D7 visa. Here are the list of eligibility requirements that you should meet to renew this visa:

● Can show a residence address in Portugal,

● You can spend at least 16 months in Portugal during the first 2-year period.

● Are a non-EU national,

● You have the funds to support yourself during your stay in Portugal,

● Zero criminal records


Renewal for Portugal Passive Income D7 Visa

 With a Portugal D7 visa, you will get a residency card, which will be valid for only two years. In order to maintain the residency, you have to renew the residency card at the end of 2nd year. However, you have to meet the following requirements:

● You have a clean criminal record.

● You still qualify for the D7 visa.

● You continue to meet the conditions of your existing residence permit.

● You have to demonstrate proof of accommodation.

If you meet these criteria, then the three-year residency card will be issued to you.


How Flying Colour Relocation can help you?

Flying Colour Relocation comes with a team of experts who understand each crucial aspect of immigration. We can help you to renew your visa and suggest you the best route to renew the D7 visa. Furthermore, we can help you with relocation.   

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