UK Immigration & Visas

Benefits Of UK Immigration And Citizenship

  • Right to live in the UK permanently
  • Free medical care
  • No work restrictions
  • Stable economy and society 
  • Receiving unrestricted entry and a British passport
  • The right to vote
  • European Union citizen
  • Standing for office
UK Immigration Consultants in Dubai

Once you become a British citizen, consider applying for a UK passport. This implies that you no longer have to go through immigration controls and restrictions. Since the process is not difficult, you can stay in touch with the IPS (UK Government’s Identity and Passport Services). 

UK Immigration Process and Documents

Since UK authorities decide on your visa application, it is primarily based on the documents you submit for the visa or the immigration process. For every United Kingdom visa, specific documents are required. Based on the visa or immigration type you’re applying for, consider collecting all the documents. Post that, submit all the documents on the date of your interview.

Make sure the required documents for the visa you are applying for complying with the UK Home Office criteria. You must submit the following documents.

  • UK visa application form – According to visa type, you might have to finish the form online or through the manual application form.
  • Two photographs – Your photos should be recently taken (within the past six months).
  • Your Valid Passport – The passport you submit must be valid for three more months beyond the day you intend to leave the UK.
  • Proof required to state that you have the financial means to UK’s living costs.
  • Proof of accommodation
  • If you have applied for a tourist visa, send an entire travel itinerary with the cover letter.
  • Tuberculosis Test Results
  • Biometric information
  • UK visa invitation letter (only if applicable)
  • Paid UK visa fees
  • Certified translations of your document if they are not in Welsh or English.

You might have to submit additional documents based on your working status. Refer to the points mentioned below.

  • If you are employed – Employer’s letter.
  • If you are self-employed – Business registration documents.
  • If you are a student – Education provider letter.

How To Apply For A UK Passport

It is 2021, and applying for a UK passport is more straightforward and accessible than ever. Sending your online form saves a lot of time and makes the entire process relatively easy. Moreover, it usually takes around six weeks to get the first UK adult passport. However, it may take more time.

Besides, every other application type should not take more than three weeks. Usually, considering an application varies because of several factors like more information required or an application hasn’t been filled correctly. There are also some general requirements, but most applicants should have:

  • Lived in the UK demographics for around five years
  • Travelled outside for no more than 90 days in the last 365 days

Here, civil partners and spouses of British citizens can have other requirements.

Let Us Help You For UK Immigration

Flying Colour Relocation Services has been a part of millions of travel dreams. Not only do we offer superior immigration and Visa services, but we also believe in quick and hassle-free facilitation. With a qualified and highly professional team of travel experts, we will make your immigration or visa process seamless and straightforward. Remember, we will appoint a dedicated UK immigration expert to handle your application process.


If an applicant requires a visa while entering the United Kingdom, they may be required to send the visa application to the home office to change their status. However, suppose you are already in the United Kingdom and submit your valid application before the current visa type expires. In that case, your existing status conditions will remain unchanged beyond the standard expiration date. Such an extension will last until the office makes a decision on the applicant’s case. Moreover, if you require any advice about different visa types and their validity, Flying Colour will offer you consultation. 

If an applicant already lives in the United Kingdom with a specific status that allows work, one does not require any permission from the home office to apply for a job change. If you fall under the Tier 4 visa type category, there are certain restrictions about the number of hours one can put into work. In addition, if you comprise a Tier 2 visa type and you want to change your type of job, you are required to change the employment application to the office. 

In case you are in the United Kingdom with a visa type that was issued by the home office, which does not fall under the EEA Regulations, an applicant will be required to remain for a specific period stated on the biometric or stamp residence permit.

An applicant needs to apply to the Home Office to extend your current visa prior to it expiring. In addition, if you have submitted a regulated application for further leaves, remember, the current leave will get an extension on similar conditions unless the home office offers a decision on your visa application. Furthermore, you need to note that the visa application type states that one can have the leave ‘until a specific date; one must submit their application before the date assigned.

An applicant may be required to apply through the home office if one wishes to acquire an ILR to remain in the vicinity of the United Kingdom. Moreover, you need a visa to get into the United Kingdom. Know that many visa categories often result in permanent settlement. However, if an applicant is an EEA national or various other family members of one of the EEA countries, one must obtain a settlement automatically.

Several categories of visas that fall under the Immigration Rules allow you to come with specific family members to the United Kingdom like a civil partner or spouse, same-sex or unmarried partner, or your children below 18 years. Besides, if you were allowed a specific visa under certain categories of the immigration laws, they will state if your family members can settle down with you.

EEA residence cards are pretty different from multiple types of visa categories that an applicant can apply for. If you have an EEA residence card that is valid will not guarantee that the presence of an applicant is lawful in the United Kingdom. 

Ever since the 2004 Free Movement Directive got established, the ECJ or European Court of Justice identified specific situations where the EU law would end up giving you the right to stay or remain in the United Kingdom. Moreover, in the year 2012, the EEA regulations went into implementation to take account of some of the new case laws. As a result, remember, not every situation identified by the European Court of Justice has gone under correct and accurate implementation with the all-new regulations. Here, our team of experts can advise you on certain situations and let you know about what’s not covered under regulations. 

The UK immigration law doesn’t regard or impose any sort of restriction on an individual who is renting or buying a property in the United Kingdom. Moreover, there are several non-residents who do own their properties in the United Kingdom and utilize that particular property on frequent visits. But, there is a catch. Several mortgage lenders look for immigration status evidence before considering any application for property loans.

Several factors like your current status tend to affect if you can switch to another category to acquire your UK passport. For such a situation, you should consider taking the help of a professional UK immigration expert to get things rolling quickly. And, more so, when you are on a visit visa to the United Kingdom. You need to know that help from our end will land you with enough information for you to handle your application. However, if you are looking to understand more on the subject, do not hesitate to get in touch with our immigration experts.