Overview of Portugal

It is one of the most beautiful countries of Europe and with Spain being the neighbouring country it becomes more appealing. The beaches, the waves, its’s favourable climate and festivals has its’s own vibrant charm. With a high income and good standard of living it is a dreamed and calm country to live in. Tourism is at its peak for cultural vacation for people. And now with the Golden Visa Portugal citizenship by investment program you can acquire a valid residency permit.

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  • Minimum EUR 280K to EUR 500K, depending on the location of the investment.

Eligibility criteria-

  • Should be non EU citizen.
  • Should have minimum investment amount.
  • No frozen property in the boundaries of EU for the main applicant.
  • Should not have criminal record.
  • Should be of sound health.
  • Minimum stay requirements are to be met ( 7 days for the first year, 14 days for the next 2 years)

Benefits of Portugal Citizenship by Investment-

  • Can travel and stay to any European and Schengen country.
  • Family members included in the permit.
  • Minimal residency requirements.
  • Full rights to stay and work.
  • Citizenship allowance.
  • Minimal documentation requirement.
  • Access to health and education services.
  • Retirement pension allowance.

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