Citizenship By Investment, Starting from USD 250,000

Overview of Turkey

Turkey has the 53rd strongest passport in the world, with visa-free travel access to more than 100 countries. The revised Turkish citizenship by investment program was introduced earlier in September 2018 for real estate investors.

The application process to obtain Turkish Citizenship is straight forward and the investor can have their 2nd passport in just 5-6 months’ time. There is no requirement for investors to declare and most importantly there is no physical stay required before or after getting Citizenship of Turkey. Having a Turkish passport can also benefit applicants to relocate in both The UK and USA, under different visa categories.

When the Turkey Citizenship by Investment program was launched, the Turkish government stated that the entry cost has to be a minimum of $1 million. As a result, this did not allure many investors at first. When the government realised that the amount is a bit unreasonable, the government dropped the cost required to $250,000 in 2019. Now the country generates an average of $250 million each month from foreign investors alone.

However, as the figure of applicants who are willing to obtain Turkish citizenship is on the rise, the minimum real estate investment required has been increased to $400,000.

Benefits of the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programme:

An applicant may be unaware, but several benefits exist when you enrol into Turkish citizenship by investment programme. Besides, some benefits are mentioned below in a quick rundown.

  • Live, Study, and Work in Turkey – You can generate income from your property and even rent it out. If you are moving with your family, do not worry about your child’s education.
  • Quick Route To Citizenship – This programme is one of the quickest routes to acquire Turkish citizenship. After you have successfully invested $400,000 in any real estate project of the country, an applicant is entitled to obtain a Turkish passport in 2-3 months.
  • Family Reunification – An applicant can bring his or her spouse, dependent children till the age of 21 years, and dependable parents as well. All family members can gain access to free healthcare.
  • Easy Schengen Visa – Passport holders can easily apply for a Schengen visa as long as they can provide adequate documents.
  • E2 In The US – You can quickly and conveniently apply for the E2 investor visa to get to the United States.
  • Relocate To The United Kingdom – To move to the United Kingdom, all you have to do is apply for a Turkish businessperson visa in the UK which can eventually lead to British citizenship.
  • No Language or Residency Requirements – For this programme, you are not required to know the local Turkish language. Moreover, you do not have to stay in the region while your visa application is in process.
  • There are pension schemes, free health, and free education for every Turkish citizen.

Who Obtains Turkish Citizenship

To qualify for the Turkish Citizenship By Investment programme, the primary applicant requires the undersigned:

  • Has to be 18 years old
  • Should have never been illegally in Turkey
  • Paying the costs and taxes for the entire process

Moreover, the applicant requires the following documents:

  • Passports of every applicant
  • Birth certificates of every applicant
  • Residence Proof
  • Marriage certificate, but this is optional
  • Colour passport photos and biometrics of every applicant
  • Divorce or Death certificate of your spouse
  • Proof of the applicant’s Health Insurance (this one should be valid in Turkey)
  • Proof of the investment you have made of $400,000 into real estate

Steps To Obtain Turkish Citizenship by Investment

In order to qualify for citizenship in Turkey through an investment programme, the primary applicant must adhere to these steps:

  • Obtain a minimum of USD 400,000 real estate properties or projects.
  • Investment of a minimum of USD 500,000 towards fixed capital contribution.
  • The applicant has to deposit a minimum of USD 500,000 into a Turkish account.
  • An applicant needs to commit a minimum of USD 500,000 to government bonds.
  • He or she must commit around USD 500,000 to venture capital investment or real estate fund share.
  • The primary holder should create jobs for a minimum of 50 people. This needs to be attested by the Ministry of Labour, Family, and Social Services.
  • The applicant can include his or her spouse, dependent children who are below the age of 18.

FAQs of Turkish Citizenship:

What is the reason behind the popularity of Turkish residency investment program?
Remove this question.

How much do I need to invest in Turkish investment programme to get the citizenship?

Minimum investment requirements are as follows: Real Estate Investment $400,000, Bank Deposit $500,000 and a Capital Investment of $500,000.

If an applicant has previously brought properties in Turkey, can he or she take their advantage?

To take certain advantages of the programme, you need to invest a fresh $400,000.

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