UK Sole Representative Visa

Overview of UK Sole Representative Visa

What is a UK Sole Representative visa?

Taxes paid by medium and small-scale companies and businesses are a considerable contribution to the treasury of the United Kingdom. Consequently, the immigration authorities of the country have provided many visa types and categories for foreign investors and entrepreneurs to choose from. 


For a sole representative visa, an investor applicant does not need millions of pounds or breakthrough ideas and concepts. In case you are one of the co-owners or even a manager in such a company, a sole representative visa programme can be your ideal way to relocate and enter the United Kingdom.

Benefits of a Sole Representative Visa to the UK

  • This type of visa is one of the work visas that comes with a job offer. This allows you to get a transfer from a parent company to a subsidiary of the United Kingdom. 
  • An applicant also gets a company to run daily. Furthermore, as someone who has applied for the sole representative visa programme, you are given a business to grow in the new market.
  • The programme does not allow you to spend your money. That is the sheer beauty and excellence of this specific UK immigration programme. Besides, there is no extra cost that you have to spend.
  • You can bring your family to the United Kingdom through this visa type and get a British Passport easily, provided you get through every process. The application fee of this visa type is only £610 per applicant.

Requirements for a Sole Representative Visa to the UK

  • Your parent company should be trading and registered abroad.
  • You must be one of the top managers with decision-making rights.
  • You must have relevant experience, education, and skills to operate a UK subsidiary.
  • The applicant must work nowhere but only for the British subsidiary.
  • You, along with your family members, must pass the health test. A TB test is also required.
  • The representative of the overseas company cannot have any criminal breaches or convictions of immigration laws.
  • You should have sufficient funds to support your family in the United Kingdom without applying for any UK government benefits.
Sole Representative Visa to the UK

How fast can you get the UK Sole Representative Visa?

As compared to other visa types, sole representative visas are one of the most time-consuming ones. The entire process of applying for such a programme to the United Kingdom, comprising incorporation of a subsidiary, preparation of required documents, and submission of the application form, usually takes four to eight weeks. Once the application reaches the Home Office and you are enrolled with your biometrics, the process will take a minimum of three weeks before any decision is made against your name.


In order to speed up such a process, where you want to save these three weeks, you can choose to pay the extra fees for priority services. Experts and lawyers recommend that an applicant must have a minimum of three months to wait while applying for a sole representative programme. If you intend to arrive in the United Kingdom on 10 July, try to submit the application maximum by 10 March.

Expiry Date and Extension of a Sole Representative Visa UK

This particular programme is only valid for three years and can be extended before it expires. The citizens enrolled under the programme can be extended for a couple of years, provided they comply with the undersigned conditions or criteria.


  • You need to be employed by the same employer/company and continue with its subsidiary in the United Kingdom.
  • The British organisation offers similar services and goods as the overseas business. 
  • The parent company needs to operate from outside the UK.


The dependents from the first application are subjected to extend their respective visas with you, comprising children who just turned eighteen (18) post first visa. Everyone in your family who applied for this programme again has to submit their biometric. If you happen to have no time for this process, the Home Office offers some special biometric submission services where they will come to your residence to take photos and fingerprints. However, it is essential to know that this does not speed the process of your extension application.

From a UK Sole Representative Visa to a British Passport: Process And Timeline

  • The initial consultation – The UK immigration advisers and representatives will assess your case and provide you with detailed information about the programme and its requirements. This process will require your address and passport to prepare the client agreement. The consultation will be a single day affair.
  • Application preparation – We will prepare, certify and translate all your documents in strict compliance with the rules of UK immigration. Our experts will be drafting a detailed cover that will accompany your documents. This process usually takes four to eight weeks.
  • Collecting the visa and moving to the United Kingdom – The Home Office will decide on your application within three weeks of your application submission. If this gets approved, you can quickly enter the country. 
  • Extending your visa – Our team will prepare your documents, fill, and submit all your application papers.
  • Acquiring your UK passport – You will receive your passport after a year of obtaining ILR. Once accepted, you have to take an oath of allegiance, after which the government will issue the naturalization certificate.

FAQs Regarding UK Sole Representative Visa

This is a work visa, but you will act as the director of your organization. Moreover, you will not have to adhere to any costs while operating. If you have children, they can go to a university after completing school. They can do this without applying for any type of student visa. 

It is not essential, but our experts strongly suggest submitting these plans with your visa application. This shows how serious you are about the intentions and objectives of the parent company you are representing.

The necessary condition that will enable the Home Office to agree to extend the visa shall be the representative office’s productive operation in the UK. This simply implies that the office is still trading outside the UK. Moreover, both the subsidiary and parent company need to sell similar goods and services.

The full support provided by experienced advisers will save you money and time while applying for such a programme to get into the United Kingdom. Such a way also minimises mistakes and hassles. 


No, the company does not need to determine or demonstrate any turnover or profit to send a senior employee as a Sole Representative to the UK. However, this organization should be a genuine enterprise with its operative place outside the UK. 

Yes, the applicant will be required to show that they have a good knowledge of the English Language. They should have at least CEFR Level A1 (listening and speaking). 

As a visa holder enrolled in such a programme, you can allow your civil partner, spouse, same-sex or unmarried partner along with dependent children.

If you have a successful visa application, you will be granted leave for three years. However, you can extend the visa for two more years.  

You can apply to settle in the United Kingdom through specific permission. But you have to be in the United Kingdom for five years first as a sole representative. 

The visa costs around £610.

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