All You Need To Know About Dual citizenship

dual citizenship
April 26, 2022 | | Blog, dual citizenship |

With the internet and migration catalysing globalization, the world has turned into a global village, and more and more people are no longer living in the country of their origin. Migrants are becoming a common sight in every country. And while one wants to belong to a new country where one has migrated to, one also doesn’t want to lose the ties with the country one has come from. Dual citizenship can help one do that.

What is Dual citizenship?

Dual citizenship is a condition where a person has citizenship of not one but two countries.

Do all countries offer dual citizenship?

No, not all countries allow dual citizenship. Thus, in the case of a country like India, one will lose India’s citizenship as soon as they become a citizen of another country because Indian law doesn’t permit dual citizenship. In order for a person to be a citizen of both countries, the laws of both those countries must permit dual citizenship.

What are the advantages of dual citizenship?​

Dual citizenship can be a critical advantage for migrants as well as people who travel a lot due to the following reasons:

  • Dual citizenship increases the mobility of one holding it. They can move around freely in the countries they have citizenship of without needing visas each time. The two passports will mean that more countries are willing to trust the persona and thus accept visa requests.
  • Dual citizenship can reduce many costs, such as those of getting a visa renewal.
  • Another important advantage of dual citizenship is that it enables one to start a business in both countries. This is a valuable advantage when it comes to saving taxes or exploring new business opportunities.
  • It can be like an insurance policy against any adverse laws that may affect the quality of one’s life or any tyrannical or terrible government.
  • It can help one have access to the highest standard of living while also having access to one’s roots of the place of one’s operations. Whether it is for the highest grade of education for the children, top-notch health programs for the sick, or employment opportunities for all, dual citizenship can help with all these.

What are some of the dual citizenship countries?

There are several dual citizenship countries, including Australia, Mauritius, South Korea, etc.

How to go around getting dual citizenship?

One should go through the laws of the country carefully and go into details of the process and formalities involved as well as eligibility criteria before applying for dual citizenship. It is also highly recommended that the reader should consult and take the services of an expert in this regard.

Wrapping up

As the above discussion gets wrapped, it can be safely concluded that dual citizenship offers several valuable advantages. One can hope that more and more countries will offer dual citizenship even as the dark clouds of the covid-19 are fading and the world is opening up again.