Apply For a Passport in Antigua and Barbuda

Apply For a Passport in Antigua and Barbuda
March 2, 2024 | | citizenship by investment |

 Get Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship and Passports

Antigua and Barbuda is an excellent Caribbean Island destination with numerous offers for tourists and investors. The island boasts some of the most beautiful coastlines in the Caribbean. The island has 365 scattered across coastlines to let people enjoy exciting water sports.

Antigua and Barbuda have a rich and varied history shaped by the melting points of different cultures. Furthermore, you can enjoy electrifying carnivals with numerous elements, like a parade of colourful dresses, music, delicious foods, and traditional dances. All these factors make this factor an ideal place to live and work. However, obtaining a passport and citizenship are some of the ideal methods to live in this country.

Regarding the passport choice, the Antigua and Barbuda Passport is a hidden gem. Numerous tourists are obtaining this passport as their travel key. However, there are a few people who doubt the power of this passport.

If you also doubt the power of Antigua and Barbuda Passportsyou must read this article. This article will provide you deep reason behind why this passport stands strong. Furthermore, we will highlight Antigua and Barbuda Passport BenefitsIn addition, you will get an in-depth guide to obtaining this passport.

Passport Antigua and Barbuda


How Strong is the Passport of Antigua and Barbuda 

A passport is a tool to determine a person’s ability to travel the world and explore different nations. A powerful passport provides global mobility and unlocks new opportunities.

The power of Antigua and Barbuda Passport is quite well internationally. The passport can be accepted worldwide, with over 150 countries offering visa-free access to their countries. The passport ranks pretty high on the global passport ranking spectrum. It holds the 29th position globally in the ranking.

The strong position of this passport allows its holder with significant international mobility. They can enjoy visa-free global access to countries, like the United Kingdom, Singapore, Brazil, and other countries of the European Union

The international mobility of this passport makes it highly desirable to investors. For beginners, citizens of these islands are not required to be involved in the tedious and costly procedure of obtaining visas. This flexibility provides them with a happiness of flexibility when developing a travel plan. Citizens of these islands can also pursue international jobs and start a business dealing with international clients.

The strength of the Antigua and Barbuda passport is determined relative to other passports and their acceptability on the globe. The text lists countries that provide visa-free access, visas on arrival, and electronic travel authorization for Antiguan passport holders. All factors considered, the Antiguan passport is desired because of its power and global standing.

Benefits of Obtaining an Antigua and Barbuda Passport

You can enjoy uncountable benefits by obtaining Antigua and Barbuda citizenship and passports. The following is the list of top benefits you can get with this passport:

➥ You can access visa-free travel to more than 151 countries. Remember, these countries are Schengen area countries.

➥ The citizenship process to apply for Antigua and Barbuda passports is famous for its speed and effectiveness. It takes 3 to 6 months to become a citizen of this country.

➥ You can obtain dual citizenship in both Antigua and Barbuda and their original country citizenship because there is no restriction on dual citizenship.

➥ You can enjoy exceptional tax benefits as it has no personal, capital gain, or inheritance tax.

➥ The Antigua and Barbuda passport allows you to include your family members.


Antigua and Barbuda CBI and Antigua and Barbuda passport 

Antigua and barbuda citizenship by investment is one of the most reliable methods to get a passport to this country. As per this program, you must invest significantly in this country to get this citizenship. The investment options for this program are mentioned below:

1. Donation to the National Fund Development 

Donations via Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment involve a monetary investment in the national funds, which promotes the island’s economic development. Remember, all donations must be in cash and are non-refundable.

2. Donation to the University of the West Indies Funds

An investment in this investment option is geared toward applicants for significant families. A minimum of six members are required to invest in this investment option. However, one of your family members should attend the university for free for up to one year.

3. Real estate investment

The real estate investment option from Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment involves investing in a property on the land of this island.

Passport Antigua and Barbuda


The process for obtaining Antigua and Barbuda passport

The process of getting Antigua and Barbuda Passports involves following a series of several steps. Let us take a look at the steps to get antigua and barbuda citizenship:


1. Choose an investment option

Initially, you must choose an investment option to get Antigua and Barbuda passport. As mentioned above, there are many investment options for Citizenship by Investment in this country. However, each investment option has its own set of rules and minimum amount. Therefore, you must select an investment option carefully.

2. Verifies that you are healthy

You must take a health assessment in the existence of a registered medical practitioner with any dependants you include on your passport application. At the time of the assessment, you must give proof of identity. In addition, you must submit the original results of HIV tests that are not over three months old.

3. Confirm your wealth

Apart from proving you are healthy, you must demonstrate your source of funds. You can use an appointment letter or supply a contract as proof of funds. Remember, this step involves providing a source of funds for your investment in Citizenship by investment program.

4. Attend an interview

Antigua and Barbuda is committed to due diligence. That means you and any dependants of yours, aged 16 or above, must attend a virtual interview. As with your medical assessment, you have to represent identity cards or passports.

5. Wait for citizenship 

After five to seven months of the interview, you will receive the Certificate of Naturalisation. Once you receive the citizenship, you will also receive the passport. The passport will be valid for a minimum of five years.


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