Commonwealth Of Dominica Citizenship By Investment Program

March 23, 2021 | | Second Citizenship |

The island country of Dominica has been selected as one of the happiest places to live in this world time and again. A tropical paradise this country offers a safe and secure place to live with pristine beaches, crystal clear water, and a tranquil environment. The island is full of lush mountainous rainforests with many rare plants, animals, and birds.

The Dominica Economic Citizenship Program was established in the year 1993 and offers individuals and families citizenship and a choice of a second passport. All that one need is a minimum investment in approved real estate of USD 200,000 or a contribution to the government fund starting from USD 100,000.

Real Estate Investment

This is one of the options to qualify for Dominican citizenship. All that an applicant has to do is to invest in a government-approved real estate property worth a minimum of USD $200,000. He has to maintain this ownership for a minimum of three years. The applicant has two options; he can sell this property to any individual by maintaining the ownership of the property for three years. However, if he maintains the ownership of property for five years, he can sell this property under the citizenship by investment program or he can help another family or individual to qualify for Dominican citizenship.  Additional government fees need to be paid if one is applying for the Dominica Economic Citizenship Program.

Donation made to Dominica Government Fund

One of the most popular ways to get Dominican citizenship is by contributing to the Dominica Economic Diversification Fund (EDF). The government utilizes these funds to finances public and private sector projects. These projects help in the development of the country’s infrastructure and provide social security to the people. Various public sector projects developed using these funds include: building new schools and colleges, hospital renovation, construction of the stadiums, and promoting various local industries. The private sector utilizes this fund in developing various industries like travel and tourism, IT, and agriculture.

One is free to decide if one wants to invest in Real Estate or make a donation. However, acquiring a Dominica passport by investing in Economic Diversification Fund is more economical if it is for a single applicant. It is one of the cheapest options available for a second passport program with donations starting from USD $100,000. Whereas if it’s a family of 4 is looking for a Dominican passport, real estate would be a better option as one needs to invest a minimum of USD $200,000.  

One of the major benefits of investing in government-approved real estate properties is that the investment amount is recoverable.


Main applicant requirements for 2nd Citizenship

  • Clean Background
  • Good health
  • High Net Worth

Some advantages of Dominica Citizenship/ Second passport

  • Personal Benefits which includes immediate and irrecoverable citizenship
  • Visa-free travel to 122 countries including the UK, EU, Switzerland, etc.
  • Spouse and dependent kids under 30 can obtain a passport whereas dependent parents above 55 can obtain a passport.
  • There is no personal Income tax.
  • Dual Citizenship/ Nationality allowed

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Please Note: This article was published on 23rd March 2021. The information provided in the article is based on the policies and rules applicable at the time of writing it. Talk to one of our consultants for any recent updates or changes.