Grenada Citizenship-Path to US E2 Visa

Grenada Citizenship by Investment
October 27, 2020 | | Second Citizenship, USA Visa |

Grenada is attracting the highest number of people looking for a second citizenship. There are multiple incentives that Grenada offers to people applying for its citizenship.

Primarily, the most important motivation is that obtaining a Grenadian Passport allows investors to apply for E2 Visa in the US. There are several immigration programs run by US including EB-5 Visa, H1-B Visa, E2 Visa and the like which targets different segments from businessmen to skilled migrants looking to immigrate to US. For investors looking to venture into business in US, E2 visa has turned out to be the quickest way. EB-5 Visa has become infamous due to long and tedious processing time and requirements.

The E-2 nonimmigrant classification allows a national of a treaty country to be admitted in the United States when investing a substantial amount of capital in a US business. Grenada is one of the Treaty countries that allow its nationals to apply for E2 Visa. Non-Treaty country citizens will not be eligible to apply for the Visa program. Grenada being the fast and most cost effective option has proved to be the most lucrative path for non US Treaty country citizens like India, Russia, United Arab Emirates, etc to fulfill their dream to get a visa in the US.

The multiple rationales for immigrants to migrate to US are as below:

  • Quality Education of their children at some of the world’s renowned schools and colleges.
  • Efficient and quality healthcare systems
  • World class infrastructure and luxurious lifestyle
  • Ample career and business investment opportunities

In addition to the E2 Visa opportunity, the country is known for its efficient processing of the applications and can process routine applications within 3 to 4 months time frame.

Grenada passport holders are allowed visa free travel to more than 135 countries including UK, Schengen countries and Russia attracting travelers and businessmen to freely move without any hassles.

Citizenship by Investment programs run by Grenada are as below:

  • The investor can make a designated, non refundable contribution to a National Transformation Fund (NTF) which starts from US$ 150,000 apart from the other government processing fees.


  • The investor must enter into a contract to buy property worth US$ 220,000 and above depending on the number of applicants starting with a family of four. On approval of the application, the full investment has to be transferred to an escrow account by the investor. Flying Colour can assist in advising the most suitable real estate investment option.

Depending on the number of family members, FlyingColour can counsel the most suitable way to process your application in Grenada citizenship.

Investors and businessmen are looking to invest beyond the traditional assets and most consider investing in second citizenship to unlock global mobility, security of the uncertain changes in the world and other business opportunities alike. To know more about the Citizenship by investment programs in Grenada, please contact us at and take advantage of this opportunity!