How the UK Skilled Worker Visa Paves the Way to Naturalization

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March 16, 2024 | | UK Visa |

UK Skilled Worker Visa a Perfect Route to Naturalization

The United Kingdom is one of the suitable places for those who want to work in a foreign country. There are numerous benefits to seeking a job in this country. Several people are staying there to pursue their dream job in this country.

The booming economy of the UK has opened numerous job opportunities for people looking who are looking for a job in the country. In addition, the nation has also introduced immigration routes, like UK skilled worker visafor foreigners to come and make the most of their opportunities.

While the UK Skilled visa is valid for five years, the visa is also the perfect route for naturalization in this country. In this guide, we will provide you with an in-depth guide to obtaining this visa. In addition, we will guide you through the path of naturalization. 

UK skilled worker visa a perfect route to naturalization

UK Skilled Worker Visa – Overview

The UK Skilled Worker Visa is a visa that enables international workers with the required skills to work in this country for licensed UK employers. Remember, the skilled worker visa replaces the tier-2 visa at the end of 2020. The program is open to those foreigners with skills at RQF Level 3 or equivalent to A-level in the UK or above in an eligible occupation.

The UK skilled worker visa is a long-term work UK visa. The visa will be initially granted for up to five years. However, the exact period of validity will depend on the duration of your Certificate of Sponsorship. It is important to understand that the visa is only valid till you play the same role with your sponsor employer. If you want to change your sponsor or role, you must apply for the new UK skilled worker visa.

Benefits of the UK Skilled Worker Visa

Indeed, the UK Skilled worker visa allows you to work in the UK as an employee. Apart from this, you can enjoy other benefits with this visa. The following is the list of top benefits to get this visa:

  • With the help of the UK skilled worker visa, you can also bring your dependant, like the family members, to the UK.
  • Your spouse is also allowed to work in the United Kingdom with the help of this visa.
  • There is no restriction on the number of people entering the United Kingdom on this visa.
  • The lowest salary requirement has been decreased to £25600 from the threshold of £30000
  • Healthcare workers, like Doctors or nurses, will get fast-track visas to let them enter the UK as soon as possible.

Who Can Apply for the UK Skilled Worker Visa?

Indeed, the door for the UK skilled worker visa is open for all foreigners. Still, there are a few people who cannot obtain this visa. To obtain this visa, you must comply with the following rules:

  • An applicant for a Skilled Worker visa must obtain a job only with companies with a sponsorship license issued by UK immigration authorities. In other words, you must be sponsored by a licensed British sponsor to apply for a UK Skilled Worker visa. A sponsor guarantees you the job.
  • An applicant for a Skilled Worker visa must hold an in-demand qualification in healthcare, science, engineering, social services, and more. To check whether your profession comes under this category, you need to know its four-digit code and find it in the list of eligible occupations. You may also contact Flyingcolour Relocation Service.
  • An applicant for a Skilled Worker visa must obtain at least a minimum salary. There are three categories of salary for foreign employees in the UK:
  1. Minimum gross pay of £25,600 yearly
  2. Minimum wage of £10.75 hourly
  3. The level of pay depends on the occupation.

While calculating your salary, the highest possible category must be considered. For example, if your sponsor gives you £35,000 yearly while the lowest pay for your occupation is £40,000, your application will not be approved by the Home Office.

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UK Skilled Worker Visa Eligibility and Requirements

When applying for the UK skilled worker visa, you should meet a few eligibility requirements. The following is the list of eligibility criteria for this visa:

  • You must meet the English language requirements
  • You must hold £1,270 in your bank account to demonstrate you can support yourself in the UK
  • Your employer or sponsor must be on the list of licensed sponsors approved by the Home Office
  • Your employer must have issued you a valid “Certificate of Sponsorship.”
  • Meet the skill level requirement: equivalent to RQF level 3
  • Meet the minimum salary requirement: £26,200 yearly
  • Pursue a job that listed on the eligible occupations
  • Hold a job in the UK

UK Skilled Worker Visa requires documents

The following is the list of documents to obtain a Tier 2 visa UK or UK skilled worker visa:

  • Name of the employer
  • The sponsor license number of the employer
  • Your Certificate of Sponsorship [CoS] reference number
  • Proof of knowledge of the English language
  • Annual salary
  • Occupation code of the job
  • A valid passport
  • Job title

What is the process for applying for a Skilled Worker?

The process for applying for the UK skilled worker visa involves numerous complex steps. Below is the list of steps to apply for this visa:

  1. Initially, confirm that you are eligible for the UK Skilled Worker visa.
  2. After that, you must secure a job from a licensed sponsor in the UK.
  3. Get your Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) from your UK employer.
  4. Prepare the documents that we have mentioned above.
  5. Fill out the application form for this visa.
  6. Pay the application, biometric fee, and healthcare surcharge.
  7. Upload your application with the documents.
  8. Schedule a biometric appointment to submit your fingerprint and photo.

The process of naturalization with the UK Skilled Visa

Once you have obtained the UK skilled worker visa, you will be eligible for naturalization. For naturalization to be successful, some requirements must be fulfilled. The significant requirement is that you must not be absent from the UK for over 450 days in the five years before the application and for over 90 days in the last year before the application.



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