How to get a Startup Visa for the UK?

January 25, 2022 | | Blog |

The changing time and evolution have given birth to ideas that have changed the way we live and are focused on delivering the best quality of life.   The innovative idea could change the entire spectrum of working and allow you to expand your business in different horizons.

The startup culture is thriving where creative minds are providing solutions with top-notch products and marketing them in the best possible way. However, commencing your business in a foreign land requires the entrepreneur to fulfill some basic requirements.

The immigration laws in each country differ, a lawyer with expertise could walk you through the entire process and help you in setting up of business.  Flying Colour Immigration Services is one of the best-in-industry that facilitates all your formalities and paperwork required for business set-up and immigration.

Requirements for Start-Up Visa

To opt for the start-up visa for the UK

  • The candidate should be at least 18 years of old.
  • The business idea should be innovative as the business idea undergoes the approval of an authorized endorsing body in UK.
  • The business should be new and one cannot join a running business.
  • The candidate should provide the proof of income and should have enough funds to support himself and dependents.
  • The candidate should meet the basic English language requirements to work in the UK.
  • If the candidate is looking for business expansion, it is required to open a branch in the UK, and company headquarters should be outside of the UK. For expansion, it is required to present all the necessary documents related to business assets, ratio, partners, profit and loss information, and more. طريقه لعب البوكر
  • The candidate should be positioned to manage their funds and does not rely on public funds to function.
  • The candidate has to pay a fee of £363/person for the application.

Apply for Start-Up Visa for the UK

The candidate can apply for the startup visa online or take assistance from Flying Colour Immigration Services to complete the process. They help the candidate from scratch from filling of applications to submission of documents according to the UK rules and regulations. The candidate is required to submit fingerprints with the photograph taken at the UK visa application center. This is one of the necessary steps to get a biometric residence permit for the Start-Up Visa UK application.

The start-up visa application should be backed-up by the potential business plan and necessary documents for the endorsement. The endorsement is only valid if it’s from a UK endorsement body. After applying the candidate will get decision within 3 weeks if residing outside the UK and within 8 weeks if you’re applying from inside the UK.

Bottom Line

The immigration laws are quite complicated in each country no matter for what you’re applying whether it’s studying or start-up. It is recommended to use experts who can ease the process and makes you familiar with the rules and regulations before you step in for the long run. FlyingColour Immigration Services have a team of trained professional who helps you with the immigration process.