Investment Migration Program is New Trend

February 25, 2022 | | Blog |

The Investment migration program is the new trend that is thriving globally among professionals and high-net-worth individuals. The concept of the investment program is succeeding and providing the individual to settle in the country they want by making a considerable amount of investment.


One of the major trends is seen among professionals and high-net-worth is retaining secondary citizenship and residency in different countries.  The impact of lockdown has severely affected the tourism industry and people can under one condition when they have residency or citizenship.


The investment migration program aids in the betterment of the economy of the country and opens doors for various innovative programs. The innovative investment program is rewarding citizenship which has been going on for years and has contributed positively to society.

Even France is giving out citizenship to soldiers of the French Foreign Legion in exchange for their services.  Another example in an earlier time, In ancient Rome, has offered foreigners citizenship to be a Roman citizen for their good acts towards the benefit of the community. The purpose of granting citizenship to these foreigners by accepting the richness and value they bring to the community will benefit the country at a later stage.


This shows the history and even in ancient times, citizenship was granted to the outsiders with the deed that should benefit the society in long run. The concept of residency or citizenship by investment known as RCBI comes with specific requirements i.e. economic and family ties with the country you are considering to move to. In exchange for the investment, the country tends to deliver legal rights to the individual.


Approximately, twenty-five percent of the countries around the world have introduced citizenship by investment and residency. These programs are gaining huge popularity and if you are new it is recommended to learn and take immigration, VISA services from FlyingColour Immigration Services.


The issuing of secondary citizenship should benefit the applicant and country equally


The RCBI benefits the country in more than one way; it isn’t limited to the capital. The foreign direct investment is debt-free however, the investor is liable to the law to make a specified investment within the set period.  It also confirms the applicant can reside for a long time permanently also it comes with certain changes in their tax residency.


The countries are competing against each other to retain the best individuals and talent that contributes to the betterment. Post pandemic, recovery of the country is majorly depending on external sources. The countries have divided the citizenships into two parts where one offers citizenship and the other offers residency with the respective legal rights.


It is important to understand the patterns of secondary you are looking to retain citizenship .Connect with our team of experts for any immigration-related query or requirement. FlyingColour Immigration Services have experts who guide you from the scratch and help you make sound decisions in regards to choosing the country based on their education system, economy and even they assist you with immigration, and visa.