Simple Citizenship for Retirement: 5 Countries You Should Know

Citizenship for Retirement
September 28, 2021 | | Second Citizenship |

In the post-COVID world, where everything has become uncertain, a lifelong objective of the working class is to retire successfully and peacefully for the remainder of days. It might translate to summing up and retiring to a different country for several people. Enjoying sandy beaches, sunny days, and lush greenery, assisted with a lower cost of living, pristine healthcare, make the retirement option in a different nation more appealing.

When it comes to free travel to other nations and the potential to vote, live, and purchase properties in new countries without any hindrances, retiring in such a nation can allure you for good. As of today’s date, retirees are increasingly looking for an option of dual citizenship to retire and enjoy the citizenship’s benefits. However, acquiring such citizenship in a different nation can be challenging and complex due to several expenses and laws. Consequently, a lot has been made easier with the Citizen or Residency by Investment Programs. People from any country worldwide can enroll in such programs and acquire dual citizenship.

With visa-free travel to more than 140 countries, allowing access to a better life standard, education, business, healthcare, and several other opportunities. Here’s the rundown of 5 countries that offer simple citizenship for retirement.

01. Grenada

Reckoned for the white sandy beaches, warm hospitality, and clear blue waters, Grenada is one of the ideal destinations to retire. This Caribbean nation comprises a low cost of living, an excellent healthcare sector with high-graded health centers and hospitals, and an ideal tax policy with zero capital gains, wealth tax, or inheritance tax on international assets or income.

02. Dominica

Known as the “Nature Isle” for gorgeous mountainous rainforests, its pristine beaches, flora, and fauna, this is yet another country where one can apply for citizenship for retirement. Dominica is famous for its ecotourism, laid-back lifestyle, and attractive tax policies.

Your entire family can acquire dual citizenship.  In addition, retirees can also obtain their passports and citizenship within a short period of 4 months.

03. St. Kitts

With sunny and sandy shores, a sound healthcare system, and a low crime rate, this island nation is transforming into one of the fastest-growing economies. On the other hand, the country has also welcomed numerous investors for more than several decades now. Its passport is known for financial and business freedom; once you contribute to St. Kitts’ real estate projects, you can get your family internationally reputable passports and citizenship, offering the renowned freedom of international mobility to more than 155 countries.

04. Turkey

Turkey is one of the nations whose cross borders lie with Asia and Europe. It does not end there. When it comes to Turkey, it also offers a combination of both worlds. This country is known for architectural beauty and lively culture that comprises fortresses, ancient cities, shopping malls, and bazaars. Moreover, Turkey also boasts numerous national parks, canyons, nature reserves, lakes, waterfalls, and rivers, where one can immerse in the nation’s abundant and rich natural beauty.

If you wish to retire here, apply for its citizenship by investment program. As a Turkish citizen, you have the benefit of gaining access to free healthcare and education, and you’re allowed visa-free travel to more than 111 countries.

05. St Lucia

Located in the eastern Caribbean, St. Lucia is one of the volcanic islands covered in rainforests. Moreover, it is renowned for the twin peaks, the Pitons, and surrounding immaculate beaches.   St. Lucia also tends to offer the CBI program with a contribution of around $100,000. If you didn’t know, the processing time for dual citizenship could take 3-4 months. Upon approval, retirees with their families will be granted visa-free travel to over 146 destinations, such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Europe’s Schengen Area, and the UK, and full citizenship.

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