What countries allow citizenship by investment?

citizenship by investment
April 25, 2022 | | Blog, citizenship by investment |

As the world opens up again, many people would want to leave their home and move to a different country altogether if possible. However, it is one thing to travel and see the other country, another thing to want to live in it for the rest of one’s life. Fortunately, if one has the right kind of money, one can easily do that as many countries allow citizenship by investment. All one has to do is make the right kind of investment, and citizenship is there for having.

The following is the list of some countries that allow this kind of citizenship

St. Kitts and Nevis

St. Kitts and Nevis are first on our list of countries that allow citizenship by investment. This is because of a simple reason – it is the country with the oldest program that offers such citizenship. This beautiful Caribbean country is consistently one of the top-ranked countries as their passports will open doors to at least 150 countries all over the world. The whole process of getting citizenship takes only a few months.


One may think of Istanbul as Venice of the East. Turkey is one of the most attractive countries that allow citizenship by investment. The nation’s real estate business is growing in leaps and bounds, which makes the investment in question actually lucrative and not a merely nominal one. One can quickly sell the investment in question and expect to make good profits.


A lot of people may not be attracted to the idea of living in Malta, and it has expensive citizenship by investment program. Moreover, one must live in the country for a whole year before getting citizenship. Yet it makes it to our list of top countries that allow investment by the citizenship because it can open doors to its citizens to different countries of Europe. It is the only program that will enable people to do so. 

Antigua and Barbuda

Suppose the reader wants to get citizenship for the whole family. In that case, the method to do this is through Antigua and Barbuda, which offers the cheapest citizenship by investment to a family of four.


Dominica is the cheapest citizenship by investment program for individuals with no families. They also offer access to over 140 countries, including the United Kingdom. To add the cherry to the cake, the process is a significant short and efficient one.

Wrapping up

As we wrap up the above discussion about some of the best citizenship by investment countries, we shall like to add that the reader should do due research and carefully consider the alternatives before making the decision about their destination. Some of the important considerations include – whether one wants citizenship for oneself or for the family? What is one’s budget? What are one’s purposes for getting citizenship? What countries do one want access to? What cultures are one comfortable with? Whether dual citizenship is desired? Taking the services of an expert in the field is also highly recommended.