Why St. Lucia’s Passport is the Perfect Choice for You?

St. Lucia's Passport is the Perfect Choice for You
February 3, 2024 | | St. Lucia's Passport |

St. Lucia’s Passport is the Perfect Choice for You

It is critical to have a 2nd passport as it has turned out to be increasingly more famous in recent years due to the reality that a 2nd passport comes with numerous benefits, which include travel, business, and private benefits. When it comes to a second passport, St. Lucia Citizenship with the aid of Investment serves as a number one choice for diverse foreigners who want a second citizenship along with the passport.

The St. Lucia passport comes with numerous Passport Features that make it a sturdy passport for those individuals who want to journey in their lives. In the developing globalized world, the power of one passport is necessary on the way to decide the ease of overseas tours, enterprise possibilities, and exceptional existence.

Apart from being a solid passport, there are different Citizenship by Investment in St. Lucia in this passport which makes it the right choice for investors and tourists making plans to stay in this country. In this article, we’re going to offer you a list of top motives to get a St. Lucia passport. Furthermore, we will provide you with different important information that you need to apprehend earlier than getting this passport.

 What are the investment options for the St. Lucia passport?

 There are numerous ways to obtain the citizenship of St. Lucia. However, the best and easiest method to obtain citizenship in St. Lucia is by investment. There are numerous forms of investment you can make to obtain citizenship by investing in Saint Lucia. Here is the list of top investment options that you are required to make for this passport:


  •    The National Economic Fund: By contributing a minimum amount to St. Lucia’s National Economic Fund, you will become eligible for citizenship. A single applicant is required to donate $100,000 to qualify for this passport.
  • Real estate investment: Investing in pre-approved real estate development in this country is another option to get this passport. With the help of a minimum investment of $200,000, along with the state fees beginning from $30,000, you and your family will become eligible for this program.
  • National action bonds: If you choose to select a government bond, the bond has to be held for at least five years. The bond can be purchased for $ 300,000, After five years, the bond will be returned with full investment to investors, and there is additionally a $50,000 government administration fee.
  • Business investment: If you select to invest in a qualifying business venture or enterprise as one applicant, a minimum of $3.5 million is needed to invest and the assurance of developing at least three jobs to get this passport.


Requirements for St. Lucia passport

 To enjoy the Benefits of Citizenship by Investment in St. Luciayou are required to gather some documents. The following is the list of documents that you should gather for this passport:

  • NIS card for people 16 – 17 years old
  • National Identification card for applicants 18 and more
  • Identity documents like passport and country ID card (if applicable)
  • Marriage certificate (women only if applicable)
  • Saint Lucia Citizenship document (if born overseas)
  • Death certificate (widow)
  • Birth certificate (Birth and Baptismal Certificates will only be accepted, and the Birth Certificate when a name does not appear on the Birth Certificate)
  • Divorce certificate (women only if applicable)

Top 5 reasons for choosing St. Lucia passport

 Some uncountable people think that getting St. Lucia Citizenshipis not beneficial for them. In reality, those people are not true because there are numerous reasons to get this passport and citizenship. The following is the list of top reasons for obtaining this passport:

  1. Visa-free access

Investors with St Lucia passports will get the ability to gain access to 146 countries without the need to obtain visas for those countries. States that come under the Schengen agreement are among those places that you can visit with the help of this citizenship and passport. Citizens of this country are allowed to stay in those states for 90 days for every 60 months.

The privileged status of this Passport feature is flexibility to travel, make investments, and participate in global activities. As a result, it serves as an effective tool for people who are looking to broaden their horizons without having to deal with demanding visa requirements.

2. Dual citizenship

The best thing about this passport and citizenship is its ability to give Advantages of Dual NationalityIndeed, dual citizenship is recognized in Saint Lucia. Therefore, the citizens of Saint Lucian do not lose their citizenship whenever they hold a second citizenship from another country.

3. Family inclusions

With the help of St. Lucia Citizenshipand passport, you will get the benefit of family inclusion along with you. Indeed, you have guessed it right! The passport and citizenship will provide you with the possibility to extend your citizenship to the members of your family. The possibility is going to provide you with access to safe cum affluent settings that will enhance the overall quality of your life along with your loved ones.

4. Tax optimization

Tax optimizations are one of the best Benefits of the “Citizenship by Investment” program in St. Lucia. Saint Lucia comes with low taxes for its citizens. Remember, some taxes are not valid in this country as compared to other countries.

Whenever you live in or Caribbean to Travel,  you will enjoy tax benefits, like no inheritance tax or capital gain. The best thing about this country is that the financial reporting is carried out as per the IFRS international standards. Companies are taxed only on the income that they earn in St. Lucia. Furthermore, there is no tax on dividends in this country.

5. Equal citizenship and rights

St. Lucia Citizenship and passport holders will get the same rights as native-born Saint Lucians. In addition, they will get the right to vote. In short, you will become a complete citizen with this passport of this country.


Why you should consult Flying Colour Relocation

Flying Colour Relocation is an immigration service provider that can help you to immigrate to your dream country. We can provide you with valuable suggestions to get a St. Lucian passport. Furthermore, we will help you to guide through each step to get this passport.

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